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Journal of Applied Optics was first published in January of 1980 with the aim of encouraging research and development in defense optronics. It is a bimonthly-published S&T periodical sponsored by Xi'an Institute of Applied Optics and China Ordnance Society. It embraces all aspects of disciplines relevant with optronic system, including optical design, opto-mechanical fabrication, optical metrology, optical imaging, image stabilization, image processing, low-light-level night vision, infrared optics, laser technology, thin-film optics, electro-optical system integration, etc.

At present, Journal of Applied Optics is a source journal of Chinese Scientific & Technical Paper Citation Database(CSTPCD)and one of Chinese core periodicals in China, and it is also taken as a source by CA, AJ, CSA, INSPEC, UIPD and Scopus. The Journal is essential reading for engineers, university students and professors engaged in research and development of electro-optical devices and systems. It is an innovative publication, available over the Internet and free of charge to its readers. The advantage to scholars is the immediacy of the electronic medium. Once an article has been submitted, refereed by three external peer experts, and redrafted as necessary, the accepted article will be available on-line. Its hard copy is available as well, can be ordered upon request.

For detailed information on this journal (ISSN 1002-2082, CN 61-1171/O4), please visit our website at: http://www.yygx.net.

ISSN: 1002-2082

Period: Bimonthly

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