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Design of a large target surface heat dissipating fish eye lens
LIN Zhiqiang, WU Yuting, WANG Min
[Abstract](57) [HTML](20) [PDF 2091KB](17)
Optical system design of compact laser displacement sensor based on auto collimation principle
ZHANG Xinting, WU Qianqian, KANG Lei
[Abstract](77) [HTML](49) [PDF 1461KB](32)
Multi-projection color correction based on Free-Form Deformation
HOU Peiguo, GAO Yanfei, SONG Tao, QI Jihui
[Abstract](49) [HTML](38) [PDF 2948KB](8)
Fabrication of Ultra-high Q Factor and Millimeter-Scale Crystal Whispering Gallery Mode Resonator
Liu Junhan, Qu Tianliang, Zhang Xuan, Liu Yanqing, Xiong Changxin
[Abstract](35) [HTML](20) [PDF 1390KB](2)
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Improved apparent distance detection model of low-level-lightnight vision system
MO Yongchao, LIU Lei, QIAN Yunsheng, HU Chaolong, BAI Xiaofeng, SHI Feng
[Abstract](129) [HTML](71) [PDF 1737KB](17)
Spectral transmittance calibration technology of infrared optical system
LI Siwei, WANG Xuexin, XIE Yi, GUO Yu, YAN Xiaoyu, YANG Yuxin, ZHANG Xu
[Abstract](65) [HTML](62) [PDF 860KB](5)
DETR-based binocular measurement system in road environment
KANG Yixuan, LIU Yu, WANG Yawei, ZHOU Lijun, GUO Cheng, WANG Yitian
[Abstract](84) [HTML](76) [PDF 1332KB](9)
Hierarchical convolution filtering method for infrared dim small target detection
CHEN Cancan, XIA Runqiu, LIU Yang, LIU Lishuang, CHEN Qingshan
[Abstract](207) [HTML](153) [PDF 2299KB](31)
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2023, 44(3): 1-6
[Abstract](75) [HTML](19) [PDF 2035KB](16)
Monocular visual positioning system with characteristic distortion based on embedded GPU
CHEN Zepeng, LI Wenyong, LAO Zijian, CHEN Yu, LI Jiaoyang, WANG Jiahui, ZHENG Min
2023, 44(3): 469-475 doi: 10.5768/JAO202344.0301001
[Abstract](89) [HTML](52) [PDF 3614KB](15)
Ultraviolet relay optical system with wide spectrum based on diffractive elements
SI Changtian, YANG Lei, GUO Chengxiang, SHI Tianyi, XIE Hongbo
2023, 44(3): 476-483 doi: 10.5768/JAO202344.0301002
[Abstract](166) [HTML](85) [PDF 2308KB](27)
Design of optical system for all-weather and panoramic surveillance camera
WANG Xiaomeng, CHEN Yu, WANG Chunyan, ZHAO Yiwu, SUN Hao, LIU Huan, ZHANG Tong
2023, 44(3): 484-490 doi: 10.5768/JAO202344.0301003
[Abstract](214) [HTML](122) [PDF 2476KB](41)

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