Manuscript Preparation

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Journal of Applied Optics mainly publishes the academic papers based on optical research (interdiscipline must focus on optical field) with broad research prospects, leading level at home and abroad or original significance. The theoretical exposition with independent views, the test report with reliable data and the technology application with scientific basis are expected to submit.

* Title: The title should be concise, precise but informative, and should not be over 20 substantive words. Avoid beginning with an article or a preposition and avoid abbreviations in foreign languages.

* Abstract: The purpose, method, results, and conclusion of the research work should be briefly presented. The abstract should be normally 250~300 words. The review paper must condense out the concrete content, suggestion and prospect. It should be informative, without descriptive words or citations, and contain the major conclusions and quantitative results or other significant items in the paper. Together with the title, the abstract must be adequate as an index to all the subjects treated in the paper, and will be used as a base for indexing.

* Author Names and Affiliations: Author names should be given in full and consistent form to facilitate indexing. The names of authors should be confirmed before submitting the manuscript and cannot be changed after submission. Affiliations and postal addresses for all authors should appear on the title page.

* Key Words: Between 4 and 6 key words should be provided.

* Chinese Library Classification Number: Refers to the

* Funding Sources and Author Introduction: Please identify all appropriate funding sources by name and contract number in the Acknowledgment section.Authors introduction included name (year of birth- ), gender, education background, professional title, major of study and Email.

* Foreword: Through the review and analysis of the research background, the scientific problems to be solved in this research are clearly put forward, with no less than 500 words.

* Principles and Methods: Principles and methods are the necessary parts in the research paper, which mainly describe the experimental principle, experimental design and data analysis.

* Results and Analysis: Describe the main results according to the experimental design, and indicate the significance of the data with scientific statistic, figures and tables. The vector figures should be arranged sequentially with Arabic numerals, and should be clear, easy to read and of the best possible quality. The tables should take the form of three-line table. All the figures and tables should be listed in both Chinese and English.

* Discussion and Conclusion: Please adequately discuss your results by referred published papers and theory, and concise a conclusion finally.

* References: References should be numbered consecutively, in the order they appear in the text, with square brackets enclosing the number. In addition to the classical literature, try to cite the Chinese core or SCI literature in the past 5 years, with no less than 15 references.The information about the references cited should be provided in its entirety. References should not contain un-published data.

* Innovation Illustration: Attach some innovative notes to the references. Explain in detail what major innovations this paper has compared with the research results published at home and abroad, especially in the past three years (including the research papers published by this research group).

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