Development of wide fieldofview imaging spectrometer using innerstitching
Chen Xinhua, Zhao Zhicheng, Zhou Zhengping, Ma Suodong, Shen Weimin
2016, 37(4): 495-502. DOI: 10.5768/JAO201637.0401001
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Integrated design method of control loop in optoelectronic tracking system
Chang Jinda, Ding Zuokai, Zhao Chuangshe, Liu Jingli
2016, 37(4): 503-509. DOI: 10.5768/JAO201637.0401002
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Experimental study on polarization imaging characteristics of various materials
Bai Sike, Duan Jin, Lu Yizhuo, Wang Xinxin, Chen Tianwei
2016, 37(4): 510-516. DOI: 10.5768/JAO201637.0401003
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Tolerance analysis of progressive addition lenses
Liu Zhiying, Li Dan
2016, 37(4): 517-522. DOI: 10.5768/JAO201637.0401004
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Design of objective with relay lens used in military sighting telescope
Liu Zhe, Li Yuyao
2016, 37(4): 523-526. DOI: 10.5768/JAO201637.0401005
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Design of miniprojection wideangle lens
Ju Rongbing, Kang Lianjie, Han Min, Liu Yan
2016, 37(4): 527-531. DOI: 10.5768/JAO201637.0401006
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Method for controlling bandwidth expansion with mechanical resonance
Liu Jingli, Shou Shaojun, Han Rui, Meng Lixin, Wang Ani
2016, 37(4): 532-536. DOI: 10.5768/JAO201637.0401007
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Recognition of camouflage targets by polarization spectral imaging system
Yu Xun, Yang Ye, Jiang Xu, Wu Ji, Hu Fei
2016, 37(4): 537-541. DOI: 10.5768/JAO201637.0402001
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Wavelet denoising method for step threedimensional shape information
Fan Ying, Qiu Lirong, Zhao Weiqian, Wang Yun
2016, 37(4): 542-548. DOI: 10.5768/JAO201637.0402002
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Image enhancement algorithm based on improved Kmeans clustering
Zhang Linze, Wang Jingqi, Wu Wen
2016, 37(4): 549-554. DOI: 10.5768/JAO201637.0402003
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Large optical aspheric mirror profile data evaluation method based on LevenbergMarquardt algorithm
Jin Qiuyu, Ma Fei, Liu Entao, Wang Yun, Zhao Weiqian
2016, 37(4): 555-560. DOI: 10.5768/JAO201637.0402004
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Station deployment of workspace measuring and positioning system based on improved adaptive genetic algorithm
Xiong Zhi, Yue Chong, Xue Bin
2016, 37(4): 561-566. DOI: 10.5768/JAO201637.0403001
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3D full field displacement measurement of seismic shaking table experiment
Wang Xiaoguang, Liang Jin, You Wei, Liang Yu, Liu Liejin
2016, 37(4): 567-572. DOI: 10.5768/JAO201637.0403002
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Continuous measurement for optical density of visible band of solar blind UV filters
Yi Xiangyu, Zhou Yue, Yan Feng, Zhang Mingchao, Chen Xue, Cui Muhan
2016, 37(4): 573-577. DOI: 10.5768/JAO201637.0403003
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Imaging spectropolarimetric detection using acousto-optic tunable filter and liquid crystal variable retarder
Xue Peng, Wang Zhibin, Zhang Rui, Xue Rui, Wang Yujiang, Xie Kunyang
2016, 37(4): 578-583. DOI: 10.5768/JAO201637.0403004
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Twodimensional reference largefield transfer method by linear CCD
Xi Chao, Deng Nianmao, Wang Haiqing, Xiao Maosen, Lu Weiguo
2016, 37(4): 584-589. DOI: 10.5768/JAO201637.0403005
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Accurate measurement of departure distance from aircraft to runway centerline based on images of forwardlooking runway
Hu Binghua
2016, 37(4): 590-594. DOI: 10.5768/JAO201637.0403006
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Optimization method for compact lighting system based on SelPSO algorithm
Li Xiao, Huang Yifeng, Tan Yeqing, Qian Weiying, Su Zhouping, Liu Cheng, Gao Shumei
2016, 37(4): 595-601. DOI: 10.5768/JAO201637.0405001
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Assembling and adjusting technique for#br# improving optical axis stabilization of zoom TV
Ma Aiqiu, Yang Pengli, Bai Zhao, Zhang Ming, Fu Xiaoqing, Zeng Bo, Liu Weiguang
2016, 37(4): 602-606. DOI: 10.5768/JAO201637.0405002
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Computeraided alignment method in afocal compressed optical path system
Yue Pengyuan, Zhao Xiting, Zhao Zhen, Wan Yuxi
2016, 37(4): 607-611. DOI: 10.5768/JAO201637.0405003
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Analysis and simulation of 2-bits phase encoding technique for electrooptical analogtodigital conversion utilizing biased M-Z modulators
Zhang Qianshu, Lu Xiaoyan, Zhang Shangjian, Liu Yong, Dai Jizhi
2016, 37(4): 612-617. DOI: 10.5768/JAO201637.0405004
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Experimental study on nonlinear scattering of graphene using tunable mid-infrared laser in 3 μm~5 μm wave band
Bai Yang, Chen Yuhua, Zhang Zenan, Li Weilong, Wang Gang
2016, 37(4): 618-622. DOI: 10.5768/JAO201637.0406001
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Study on low-temperature infrared radiator
Xue Zhanli, Yuan Linguang, Wu Pei, Chen Juan
2016, 37(4): 623-627. DOI: 10.5768/JAO201637.0406002
Abstract PDF
Sparse decomposition noise reduction in molten steel infrared image
Ma Cuihong, Gao Yue, Meng Fanwei
2016, 37(4): 628-632. DOI: 10.5768/JAO201637.0406003
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Temperature sensor based on surface Bragg grating of sidepolished fiber
Zhang Yong, Tang Li, Chen Zhe, Yu Jianhui, Zhong Yongchun
2016, 37(4): 633-638. DOI: 10.5768/JAO201637.0408001
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