FEM modal analysis and test validation for sight-stabilization turret structure
Song Dong-sheng, Yang Yuan-cheng, Gao Ya, Wang Jing, Bu Zhong-hong
2015, 36(4): 497-502. DOI: 10.5768/JAO201536.0401001
Abstract PDF
Methods for testing disturbance isolation of EO system
Shou Shao-jun, Liu Jing-li, Guo Xin-sheng
2015, 36(4): 504-508. DOI: 10.5768/JAO201536.0401002
Abstract PDF
Novel measurement method of azimuth for photoelectric equipment
Liang Qing-qian, Tao Yu, Zhou Li-hua, Liu Yu
2015, 36(4): 509-512. DOI: 10.5768/JAO201536.0401003
Abstract PDF
Dual-band common aperture optical system for infrared camera
Tang Tian-jin, Li Yan
2015, 36(4): 513-518. DOI: 10.5768/JAO201536.0401004
Abstract PDF
Reverse engineering application of 3D optical scanning technology
Zhang De-hai, Li Yan-qin, Xie Gui-zhong, Yang Yong, Wang Liang-wen
2015, 36(4): 519-525. DOI: 10.5768/JAO201536.0401005
Abstract PDF
Research on optical alignment technology for Cassegrain system
Zhang Xiang-ming, Jiang Feng, Kong Long-yang, Li Yu-xi, Liu Yi-chen, Zhang Jin-liang, Zhao Hong-jun, Wang Zhi-chao, Zhong Li-ping
2015, 36(4): 526-530. DOI: 10.5768/JAO201536.0401006
Abstract PDF
Integral field spectroscopy imaging technology
Zhang Tian-yi, Ji Hang-xin, Hou Yong-hui, Hu Zhong-wen, Wang Lei
2015, 36(4): 531-536. DOI: 10.5768/JAO201536.0401007
Abstract PDF
Super-resolution video restoration system based on ZedBoard
Wang Yuan-yuan, Su Bing-hua, Qiu Wen-sheng
2015, 36(4): 537-542. DOI: 10.5768/JAO201536.0402001
Abstract PDF
Time-domain optical coherence tomography system based on stationary wavelet transform
Luo Man-ting, You Teng-fei, Zhang Qiu-kun, Zhong Jian-feng, Zhong Shun-cong
2015, 36(4): 543-549. DOI: 10.5768/JAO201536.0402002
Abstract PDF
Auto-focus windows selection algorithm for optical microscope
Peng Guo-jin, Yu Zhen-ming, Yu Jian-hai
2015, 36(4): 550-558. DOI: 10.5768/JAO201536.0402003
Abstract PDF
Technique of mirror spectrum reflectivity measurement in situ under simulated space environment
Yang Lin-hua, Xu Jie, Jiang Shan-ping
2015, 36(4): 559-565. DOI: 10.5768/JAO201536.0403001
Abstract PDF
Wavefront fitting with interpolation to detect optical surface deviation
Guo Qiao-shuang, Wang Min, Liao Xiao-dong
2015, 36(4): 566-571. DOI: 10.5768/JAO201536.0403002
Abstract PDF
Calibrating method traced to cryogenic absolute radiometer for solar irradiance spectroradiometer
Zhang Yan-na, Zheng Xiao-bing, Li Xin, Wei Wei, Pang Wei-wei
2015, 36(4): 572-579. DOI: 10.5768/JAO201536.0403003
Abstract PDF
Influence of incident angle of pumped beam on parametric down conversion
Xia Mao-peng, Gao Dong-yang, Li Jian-jun, ' Hu You-bo, Zheng Xiao-bing
2015, 36(4): 580-583. DOI: 10.5768/JAO201536.0403004
Abstract PDF
3D shape measurement system based on fringe projection in 4-step phase shifting
Shang Zhong-yi, Li Wei-xian, Dong Ming-li, Duan Liang-jun
2015, 36(4): 584-589. DOI: 10.5768/JAO201536.0403005
Abstract PDF
Method for improving precision of interferometric phase-recognization
Yang Lian-gen, Liu Bing-kang, Wang Xuan-ze, Zhai Zhong-sheng
2015, 36(4): 590-595. DOI: 10.5768/JAO201536.0403006
Abstract PDF
New testing method of aging LED lamp online
Wang Qiao-bin, Weng Ji-zhao, Li Mao-wen, Zhang Pei-qiang
2015, 36(4): 596-599. DOI: 10.5768/JAO201536.0403007
Abstract PDF
Design of uniform LED light source
Xiao Shao-rong, Li Man
2015, 36(4): 600-605. DOI: 10.5768/JAO201536.0405001
Abstract PDF
Optimized double-sided hemispherical pattern design on patterned sapphire substrate for flip-chip GaN-based LED
Che Zhen, Zhang Jun, Yu Xin-yu, Chen Zhe
2015, 36(4): 606-611. DOI: 10.5768/JAO201536.0405002
Abstract PDF
Design of fuzzy controller for high-powerLED cooling system
Wang Li, Liu Yong-cheng, Wang Zhi-bin
2015, 36(4): 612-617. DOI: 10.5768/JAO201536.0405003
Abstract PDF
Phase shifter based on bacteriorhodopsin film and its application
Yang Chen-xiao, Han Jun-he, Yao Bao-li, Li Ruo-ping, Huang Ming-ju
2015, 36(4): 618-623. DOI: 10.5768/JAO201536.0405004
Abstract PDF
Luminescence property of nano-flower-like CuCl2 film based on AAO template
Ren Jun-ying, Wang Kai-ge, Wei Hong-duo, Wu Jian-guo, Wu Qing-qing, Ba Han-qing, Bai Jin-tao
2015, 36(4): 624-629. DOI: 10.5768/JAO201536.0405005
Abstract PDF
Detection of small, low contrast targets based on adaptive frequency filter
Zhang Hua-liang, Xie Yong-jie, Zhang Song, Zhao Yan, Jiao Jiao
2015, 36(4): 630-634. DOI: 10.5768/JAO201536.0406001
Abstract PDF
Spectral characteristics of MWIR band-pass filters at cryogenic temperature
Chen Feng-jin, Ma Sheng-xi, Su Xian-jun, Jing Ling
2015, 36(4): 644-647. DOI: 10.5768/JAO201536.0406002
Abstract PDF
Single frequency laser multiple feedback effects based onray tracing method
Zeng Zhao-li, Du Shuang-ge, Zhang Xiao-jun, Liu Yuan-sheng, Shang Yong-bing, Li Wei-na, Zhang Min
2015, 36(4): 639-643. DOI: 10.5768/JAO201536.0407001
Abstract PDF
Analysis and calculation of influence of atmospheric turbulence onlaser irradiation accuracy
Lu Hong-qiang, Zheng Zhen-shan, Zhang Jing-yue, Zhou Lei
2015, 36(4): 644-647. DOI: 10.5768/JAO201536.0407002
Abstract PDF
Design and application of 500 nm bandwidth chirped mirror pair
Wang Jia-jie, Yang Gang, Liu Wen-jun, Li Jian
2015, 36(4): 648-651. DOI: 10.5768/JAO201536.0407003
Abstract PDF
Measurement of cladding thickness of side-polished fiber based on digital holography
Wang Feng, Ma Jie, Chen Zhe, Zhong Jin-gang, Yu Jian-hui, Zhong Yong-chun
2015, 36(4): 652-659. DOI: 10.5768/JAO201536.0408001
Abstract PDF
Mixed interferometric distributed fiber optic sensor PGC demodulation module design and experimental data analysis
Zhu Jun, Wang Qiang, Gu Xiao-hong, Yang Qi-hua
2015, 36(4): 660-665. DOI: 10.5768/JAO201536.0408002
Abstract PDF