Engineering analysis method of strap-down inertial navigation system error
Guo Shuan-yun, Ma Zhong-xiao, Xu Kai-luan, Kang Zhen, He Jun-feng
2014, 35(6): 927-932.
Abstract PDF
Adjustment technique for multi-spectral optic axis parallelism of suppression sighting system
Sun Yu-kai, Liu Zhao-qing, Wang Jing, Wang Xiao-yi
2014, 35(6): 933-937.
Abstract PDF
Analysis and design of optical system of laser semi-active proportional seeker
Li Fu-wei, Zhang Yun-qiang, Pan Guo-qing
2014, 35(6): 938-942.
Abstract PDF
Image stabilization based on optical correlator
Tang Wu-sheng, Sui Jing-gao, Zhang Xiao-ya, Zhang Sheng-hui, Chen Yi-xiu, Jia Hui, Yang Jian-kun
2014, 35(6): 943-948.
Abstract PDF
Optical system design of large-diameter off-axis reflection-type star simulator
Zhang Wen-ying, Zhang Guo-yu, Zhang Lei
2014, 35(6): 949-954.
Abstract PDF
Optical design of visible and IR spectral catadioptric system
Chen Jiao, Luan Ya-dong, Hu Bo, Wang Ling, Teng Guo-qi, Zhang Bo, Lin Xiao-juan
2014, 35(6): 955-959.
Abstract PDF
Transient high temperature sensor design based on black-body radiation thermal film
Wang Jun-feng, Li Jin-ying
2014, 35(6): 960-965.
Abstract PDF
Application and optical design case analysis of LED used in air craft navigation lamp
Su Dan
2014, 35(6): 966-970.
Abstract PDF
Device for photoelectric auto-correction of artillery based on PSD
Chen Ran, Wang Chang-jiang, Liu Guang-hua
2014, 35(6): 971-975.
Abstract PDF
Design of optical system for trapped 199Hg+ in linear ion trap
He Yue-hong, She Lei, Chen Yi-he, Li Jiao-mei
2014, 35(6): 976-980.
Abstract PDF
Design of micro spectrometer for steel detecting
Li Teng-fei, Li Song, Wang Ya-pei, Li Qiang, Wang Liang-xun
2014, 35(6): 981-986.
Abstract PDF
Surface vertical alignment effect on performance of holographic polymer dispersed liquid crystal gratings
Li Wen-cui, Shu Xin-jian, Yang Yi, Huang Wen-bin
2014, 35(6): 987-990.
Abstract PDF
Corner point detection in interested boundary tracking
Tian Jun-wei, Wang Qin, Zhao Peng, Wang Gang-gang,
2014, 35(6): 991-995.
Abstract PDF
Multi-plane holographic display and its noise elimination
Zhou Peng-cheng, Bi Yong, Sun Min-yuan, Qi Yan, Zhang Ren-li
2014, 35(6): 996-1002.
Abstract PDF
Off-axis holography based on Burch coding
Chen Lin, Xu Zhong-bao, Wu Wen-jun, Zhou Sheng-fei, Wang Xin-yi
2014, 35(6): 1003-1008.
Abstract PDF
Endoscopic image segmentation method combined region growing and Hough transformation
Geng Chun-ming, Fang Fei
2014, 35(6): 1009-1015.
Abstract PDF
Improved method for nighttime visibility measurement based on digital photography
Xiao Shao-rong, Zhou Jia, Wu Qun-yong, Xu Meng, Shang Guo-qing, Shi Liu-feng
2014, 35(6): 1016-1022.
Abstract PDF
Laser differential confocal curvature measurement system with grating length
Xu Peng, Zhao Wei-qian, Wang Fang-biao, Xiao Yang, Zhou Tao-geng
2014, 35(6): 1023-1028.
Abstract PDF
Adjustment and calibration of dual-CCD-s mirroring overlapping position in digital holography
Pan Yun, Pan Wei-qing
2014, 35(6): 1029-1034.
Abstract PDF
Centering alignment technology of high-precision standard lens
Zuo Xiao-zhou, Jiang Feng, Zhang Yan, Hui Yang-gang, Liu Xin
2014, 35(6): 1035-1039.
Abstract PDF
Surface roughness measurement based on digital holography
Chen Gang, Zhou Wen-jing, Hu Zhen, Zhou Qing, Peng Ke-qin, Zhang Wei
2014, 35(6): 1040-1047.
Abstract PDF
Measurement errors of flash parameters in visual electrophysiology
Ding Xiang, Dong Wei, Liu Wen-li, Li Jiao, Chen Yan
2014, 35(6): 1048-1053.
Abstract PDF
Effect of photocathode sealing solder melting layer defect on gas tightness for ultraviolet imaging device
Xu Jiang-tao, Yang Xiao-jun, Zhang Tai-min, Han Kun-ye
2014, 35(6): 1054-1057.
Abstract PDF
Diamond turning compensation techniques of diffractive optical elements
Zhang Feng, Wang Zhi-bin, Zhang Yun-long, Guo Xiao-gang, Su Ying, Guo Rui
2014, 35(6): 1058-1062.
Abstract PDF
Optical stimulation and application of multi-chip COB LED packaging with minitype lens array
Lin Cheng
2014, 35(6): 1063-1068.
Abstract PDF
Experiment on defect-free edge polishing of LiNbO3 chips
Li Pan, Bai Man-she, Xing Yun-yun, Yan Ji-zhong
2014, 35(6): 1069-1074.
Abstract PDF
Extended depth of field in microscopy
Zhang Ping, Wu Jia-min, Lin Jing-yu, Liu Ye-bin
2014, 35(6): 1075-1082.
Abstract PDF
Car-s night-vision system based on infrared detection technique
Zhang Zhi-feng, Yang Gui-shuan, Shen Shuai-feng, Mao Wen-jing, Qiao Lin, Du Yin-xiao,
2014, 35(6): 1083-1087.
Abstract PDF
Position analysis method of infrared image point based on energy distribution
Li Bin, Liu Gang, Hu Qiu-ping, Liu Zhao
2014, 35(6): 1088-1093.
Abstract PDF
Spatial NETD measurement of thermal imager
Hu Tie-li, Ma Shi-bang, Guo Yu, Xin Zhou, Li Si-wei, Xie Qi, Liu Rui-xing, Fan Ji-hong, Zhang Mei, Xie Yi, Liu Jun-ning
2014, 35(6): 1094-1098.
Abstract PDF
Surface characteristics study of laser-induced thin film damagebased on similarity measure algorithm
Yang Li-hong, Xie Hui, Su Jun-hong
2014, 35(6): 1099-1103.
Abstract PDF
Influence of fused side-pump coupler fiber angle on coupling efficiency
Tan Qi-rui, Ge Ting-wu, Wang Zhi-yong
2014, 35(6): 1104-1108.
Abstract PDF