Analysis and adjustment of aiming axis error for panoramic periscopic system
YANG Hai-cheng, WANG Zhang-li
2013, 34(2): 193-197.
Abstract PDF
Influence of linear vibration and angular disturbance on image quality of airborne optoelectronic pod
KE Shi-jian, CHEN Ping, LI Jie, ZHANG Yi-jun, WAN Jing-yu, YANG Shao-kang, XI Wei-feng, LIU Tao
2013, 34(2): 198-202.
Abstract PDF
One kind of high resolution TV guided optical zoom system
SONG Yan-feng, SUN Wei-ping, WANG Guo-li
2013, 34(2): 203-208.
Abstract PDF
Design of 6 mm~60 mm megapixel zoom security lens
LUO Chun-hua, ZHANG Qi-yuan, LI Yan-hong
2013, 34(2): 209-214.
Abstract PDF
Miniaturization design of large zoom ratio MWIR zoom optical system
LI Yan, ZHANG Bao, HONG Yong-feng
2013, 34(2): 215-219.
Abstract PDF
Optical design of sunlight fiber coupling system
WEI Dan, WANG Fei, FANG Dan, WANG Xiao-hua
2013, 34(2): 220-225.
Abstract PDF
Information automatic acquisition and processing module controlled by flight control system and self-testing
2013, 34(2): 225-229.
Abstract PDF
Transmission-mode varied-doping GaAs photocathode
CHEN Huai-lin, CHANG Ben-kang, NIU Jun, ZHANG Jun-jü
2013, 34(2): 230-234.
Abstract PDF
Assembly and adjustment technology for tank gunner-sprimary sight optical system
CHEN Qiang, ZHOU Wen-zhe, REN Peng-hui, LIU Yong
2013, 34(2): 235-238.
Abstract PDF
Real-time image acquisition and processing system based on NI FlexRIO
YANG Ning, HUO Ju, GONG Sheng-min
2013, 34(2): 239-247.
Abstract PDF
Histogram extraction method of optical signal features of ship wake
CHEN Ming-rong, CHI Wei, XIE Tian-hua, JIN Liang-an
2013, 34(2): 248-254.
Abstract PDF
Real-time moving object detection and tracking by using UAV videos
DONG Jing, FU Dan, YANG Xia
2013, 34(2): 255-259.
Abstract PDF
Double image encryption system based on principles of interference
QIN Yi, GONG Qiong, LuXiao-dong, MA Mao-fen
2013, 34(2): 260-266.
Abstract PDF
Modified pyramid algorithm for small FOV star image recognition
LI Hui, WANG An-guo, ZHANG Lei
2013, 34(2): 267-272.
Abstract PDF
Calculation and application of interference fringe density
MO Wei-dong, FU Zhen-tang, ZHANG Meng, ZHANG Hai-fang, FAN Qi, FENG Ming-de
2013, 34(2): 273-278.
Abstract PDF
Using Hamming apodization technique to improve spectral beam combining efficiency of volume Bragg grating
BAI Hui-jun, WANG Yue-feng, WANG Jun-zhen, YIN Zhi-yong, LEI Cheng-qiang
2013, 34(2): 279-283.
Abstract PDF
Study of ultraviolet optical transfer function measurement equipment
YANG Hong, KANG Deng-kui, JIANG Chang-lu
2013, 34(2): 284-288.
Abstract PDF
Photoelectric parameters testing system for CCD imaging electronics unit
SUN Jing-xu, LIU Ze-xun, WAN Zhi, LI Xian-sheng, LI Bao-yong, REN Jian-wei
2013, 34(2): 289-294.
Abstract PDF
Sensitivity analysis of arc light lens-style light screen
NI Jin-ping, ZHAO Jing-yuan, GAO Fen, LIU Lu
2013, 34(2): 295-299.
Abstract PDF
Measurement of refraction index inhomogeneity of large aperture KDP crystal
WEI Xiao-hong, CHAI Li-qun, GAO Bo, LI Qiang, XU Kai-yuan, HE Yu-hang, LIU Ang
2013, 34(2): 300-303.
Abstract PDF
Distortion measurement with inverse imaging method
GUO Yu, ZHAO Sheng-lu, ZHENG Xue, ZHANG Mei, MA Shi-bang, YANG-Hong, JIANG Chang-lu, KANG Deng-kui
2013, 34(2): 304-307.
Abstract PDF
Luminance uniformity measurement of integrating sphere using imaging method
Lu Tao, ZHANG Jing-xu, FU Dong-hui, CHEN Xiao-yun, LIU Jie
2013, 34(2): 308-312.
Abstract PDF
Simulation and design of beam drift measurement with defocus grating
GAO Guo-chang, LONG Chao, SI Lei, JING Chun-yuan
2013, 34(2): 313-318.
Abstract PDF
Design of portable multi-band and multi-axis parallel detector
ZHAO Wen-feng, JI Ming, LIU Tao, ZHANG Kui-jia, MENG He-min
2013, 34(2): 319-324.
Abstract PDF
TIR collimating lens design based on freeform surface
FAN Lu-qing, LI Xiang-ning, WANG Yu, LIU Jie
2013, 34(2): 325-329.
Abstract PDF
Performance optimization method of thermal insulating board in space camera
QIAN Jing, SUN Sheng-li, SUN Li-wei
2013, 34(2): 330-335.
Abstract PDF
Precision and identity analysis of target for passive ranging through triple-station IRST system
WANG Dong, ZHAO Wei, LIANG Dong-ming, ZHANG Yan-xiu, YUE Huan-yu
2013, 34(2): 336-340.
Abstract PDF
Simulation technology of dynamic infrared triangle target with decoy
GAO Ze-dong, ZHU Yuan-yuan, GAO Jiao-bo, LI Jun-na, ZHENG Ya-wei, XIE Jun-hu, WANG Jun, CHEN Qing
2013, 34(2): 341-348.
Abstract PDF
Information fusion method between airborne laser data link and IRST system
XU Qiang, WANG Hai-yan, YANG Hai-yan, WANG Fang, CHEN Xin
2013, 34(2): 349-354.
Abstract PDF
LD side-pumped Nd∶GdVO4 electro-optic Q-switched laser with high repetition rate
MAO Xin, SHEN Zhao-guo, FU Jie, TANG Gang-feng, YANG Yi, CHENG Jian-xin
2013, 34(2): 355-358.
Abstract PDF
Light curtain sensor based on laser reflection
GAO Juan, DONG Tao, NI Jin-ping
2013, 34(2): 359-362.
Abstract PDF
Adjustable pulse width thulium-doped Q-switched double-clad fiber laser
ZHANG Ling-cong, DU Ge-guo, ZHAO Jun-qing, GUO Chun-yu, RUAN Shuang-chen
2013, 34(2): 363-367.
Abstract PDF
Full-duplex wireless signal optical transmission system basedon external modulator
LI Hui, ZHAO Qiang, LI Lei, HUANG Wei, GUO Jia, LIANG Dong
2013, 34(2): 368-373.
Abstract PDF
Using photonic crystal fiber grating sensor to measure temperature, strain and gas concentration simultaneously
PAN Chong-lin, XI Xiao-qiang, ZHANG Fu-mei
2013, 34(2): 374-380.
Abstract PDF
Influence factors for tensile strength of small-diameter liquid-crystalpolymer extruded single-core fiber cable
ZHAN Yi-min, PENG Feng, ZHANG Fan, QIANG Wei, ZHANG Shuan-min, WANG Xiao-ting, CAO Zhan-min
2013, 34(2): 381-384.
Abstract PDF