Application of infrared thermal wave technology in fault diagnosis and defect detection for armored equipments
FENG Fu-zhou, ZHANG Chao-sheng, ZHANG Li-xia, MIN Qing-xu
2012, 33(5): 827-831.
Abstract PDF
Ultra-thin front projector for laser display system
KANG Yu-si, TIAN Zhi-hui, LIU Wei-qi, FENG Rui, WANG Yu-long
2012, 33(5): 832-836.
Abstract PDF
Characteristic of ship target IR image
WANG Xue-wei, WANG Shi-li, LI Ke
2012, 33(5): 837-840.
Abstract PDF
Implementation and parameter optimization for path length control of ring laser gyro based on DSP
FU Xin, MA Chong-ze, CHEN Lin-feng, HAN Zong-hu, HU Qiang
2012, 33(5): 841-845.
Abstract PDF
Nanometrology technology in precision measurement
ZENG Zhao-li, ZHANG Shu-lian
2012, 33(5): 846-854.
Abstract PDF
Accurate calibration method for optical system based on zenith observation
ZHANG Lei, WANG An-guo, LI Hui, SHI Yi, ming
2012, 33(5): 855-861.
Abstract PDF
Numerical model of optical parametric oscillator
LI Xiao-lin, ZHONG Jian-jun
2012, 33(5): 862-866.
Abstract PDF
People-tracking algorithm with improved particle filter based on feedback fusion
ZHANG Ying-ying, WANG Hong-juan, HUANG Yi-ding
2012, 33(5): 867-871.
Abstract PDF
Elimination of random errors in four-step phase-shifting digital holography
QIN Yi, WANG Zhi-peng, ZHANG Ying-ying, YANG Xing-qiang
2012, 33(5): 872-876.
Abstract PDF
Improved moving object detection method based on Gaussian mixture mode
DONG Xiao-shu, CHEN Gang, BIAN Zhi-guo
2012, 33(5): 877-883.
Abstract PDF
Constructing method of calibration feature points used for circle structure light vision sensor
2012, 33(5): 884-888.
Abstract PDF
Research and implementation of lighting information obtaining from light-shadow images
HUANG Guan-lang, ZHANG Wei-ping, LUO Ting-jun, XIAO Yu-fei
2012, 33(5): 889-893.
Abstract PDF
De-noising method for mixed noise based on median filter and lifting wavelet transform
CHANG Liang-liang, WANG Guang-long
2012, 33(5): 894-897.
Abstract PDF
Moving object detection based on image sequences
TU Li-fen, ZHONG Si-dong, PENG Qi
2012, 33(5): 898-903.
Abstract PDF
Target tracking method based on joint transform correlation
MA Jin, TIAN Tao
2012, 33(5): 904-908.
Abstract PDF
Stereo matching algorithm based on affine invariant region constraint
PENG Qi, ZHONG Si-dong, TU Li-fen, MEI Tian-can
2012, 33(5): 909-914.
Abstract PDF
Distortion measurement of grating head-up display
LI Qian, LIU Xue-song, GUAN Yun-tian
2012, 33(5): 915-919.
Abstract PDF
Concentric circles grating-based telecentric 3D profile measurement system
HAN Zhong-qing, YANG Sheng
2012, 33(5): 920-925.
Abstract PDF
Performance investigation of blackbody BB3 500 M and temperature measurement
WU Zhi-feng, DAI Cai-hong, YU Jia-lin, HUANG Bo, OUYANG Hui-quan
2012, 33(5): 926-930.
Abstract PDF
Curvature radius testing of optical lens based on autofocusing technology
ZHANG Yi-hui, ZHAO Zhi-qiang
2012, 33(5): 931-935.
Abstract PDF
Modified formula of environmental conditions in precision measurement of optical glass refractive index
MA Bo-tao, PEI Chun-yan, Li Xiao-chun
2012, 33(5): 936-939.
Abstract PDF
Chromatic thermometry used in ceramic sintering process
TAO Wei, WU Guo-jun, GUAN Yun-tian
2012, 33(5): 940-943.
Abstract PDF
Optical design of arthroscope based on gradient refractive index lens
WU Qiong, XIANG Yang, HOU Li-jie, TAO Xue, SUN Ming-jiao
2012, 33(5): 944-948.
Abstract PDF
Opto-mechanical system of single-star simulator with multi-color temperature and multi-magnitude output
2012, 33(5): 949-953.
Abstract PDF
Ternary bireflective parallel beamsplitting polarization prism
REN Shu-feng, WU Fu-quan
2012, 33(5): 954-957.
Abstract PDF
Heat stop optical analysis for Chinese giant solar telescope
XU Xiao-wei, ZHANG Hai-ying
2012, 33(5): 958-963.
Abstract PDF
Infrared small target detection under complex background
LUO Bei-bei, YI Xing-guo, SHEN Yue, KONG Peng, DONG Qi-lin, ZHANG Wei, LI Chen-guang, FU Qiang
2012, 33(5): 964-968.
Abstract PDF
Near-infrared contrast of star to sky background during daytime
HAN Yan-Li, WANG Duo, GUO Shao-jun, HAN Jian-li
2012, 33(5): 969-973.
Abstract PDF
Detection of low-frequency underwater acoustic signal by laser
MIAO Run-cai, XU Jia-ting, XIE Tian, WANG Wen-cheng
2012, 33(5): 974-978.
Abstract PDF
Low altitude fog-haze measurements byRaman-Rayleigh-Mie lidar in Nanjing
CAO Nian-wen, YANG Feng-kai, SHI Jian-zhong, WANG Fan, TIAN Li, BU Ling-bing, XIA Jun-rong
2012, 33(5): 979-984.
Abstract PDF
Laser spot center location algorithm based on Gaussian fitting
WANG Li-li, HU Zhong-wen, JI Hang-xin
2012, 33(5): 985-990.
Abstract PDF
2.12 μm laser pumped by Zig-Zag slab
MENG Dong-dong, TANG Gang-feng, SHEN Zhao-guo, MAO Xin, YANG Yi
2012, 33(5): 991-995.
Abstract PDF
Modulation of annular light distribution by mechanical fiber scrambler
MU Dan-dan, ZHU Yong-tian, ZHANG Kai
2012, 33(5): 996-1001.
Abstract PDF
Objective lens design of image guide fiber bundle with large field and low distortion
FAN Jing-wei, WANG Wei
2012, 33(5): 1002-1005.
Abstract PDF
Weighted correction for MTF of fiber-optic image inverter
BAI Xiao-feng, SHI Feng, Lv Feng, CHENG Hong-chang, HE Ying-ping, YIN Lei
2012, 33(5): 1006-1010.
Abstract PDF