Infrared polarization imaging:detection and recognitionof camouflage target
WANG Jun, DING Na, LI Jian-jun, LI Jun-na, WU Jun, WU Jiang-hui, GAO Fei, GAO Meng, SUN Ke-feng, GAO Jiao-bo
2012, 33(3): 441-445.
Abstract PDF
Target location accuracy evaluation index of electro-optical reconnaissance system
SHI Hui, HAO Xi-hui, YANG Yu-chun, REN Jing
2012, 33(3): 446-451.
Abstract PDF
Application of systematic engineering method and value criterion in design of optoelectronic products
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Abstract PDF
Influence of Bessel functions expansions on spatial azimuth measurement error
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Abstract PDF
Angle measurement accuracy of photoelectric theodolite
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2012, 33(3): 466-473.
Abstract PDF
Continuous zoom measurement system for atmospheric coherence length
LI Guang, WANG Jian-ye, SHAO Hui, XU Peng
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Abstract PDF
Optical alignment and field imaging experiment of Fourier telescope
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Abstract PDF
Star simulator with optical feedback
LIU Rui-min, GUO Xi-qing, LIU Yang, BIAN Qiang, QIN Ying-ying, LI Wei-yan
2012, 33(3): 485-489.
Abstract PDF
Alignment method for large aperture aspheric mirror
HAN Juan, DUAN Jia-you, ZHANG Jun
2012, 33(3): 490-495.
Abstract PDF
Optical design of IR/laser dual-mode common aperture system
LI Fu-wei, ZHANG Yun-qiang, PAN Guo-qing
2012, 33(3): 496-499.
Abstract PDF
Optical design of catadioptric LLL night vision objective
CHEN Wei, LUO Chun-hua, CUI Zhan-gang, JIANG Cheng-hao
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Abstract PDF
Multi-target track initiation of infrared fisheye warning system
ZHOU Yu-long, HE Yong-qiang
2012, 33(3): 504-510.
Abstract PDF
Selection and analysis of shearing displacement in lateral shearing interferometry
LIU Bing-cai, TIAN Ai-ling, WANG Hong-jun, WANG Chun-hui
2012, 33(3): 511-514.
Abstract PDF
Second fusion method of infrared polarization image
LI Wei-wei, YANG Feng-bao, LIN Su-zhen, AN Fu
2012, 33(3): 515-520.
Abstract PDF
Video tracking and processing system based on dual-cored architecture
WANG Jiao-ying, CHEN Wei-dong, HE Jun-feng, WANG Chao, ZHANG Ying
2012, 33(3): 521-536.
Abstract PDF
New algorithm for digital image speckle correlation method based on ant colony optimization
JIANG Zhi-nian
2012, 33(3): 527-531.
Abstract PDF
Path-length-resolved dynamic light scattering in highly scattering media
XIA Hui, PANG Ru-yi, CHENG Jian-wei, MIAO Cai-xia, WU Xiao-yun
2012, 33(3): 532-536.
Abstract PDF
Neighbor difference to determine segment points of gray-scale transform
WANG Su-hua, SHEN Xiang-heng, YE Lu, ZHANG Ning
2012, 33(3): 537-541.
Abstract PDF
Digital signal processing algorithm for velocity measurement optical screen
TIAN Hui, NI Jin-ping, LI Ya-sheng
2012, 33(3): 542-547.
Abstract PDF
Output irradiance uniformity of integrating sphere source
HE Ying-wei, LI Ping, WU Hou-ping, LI Cheng, XIONG Li-min
2012, 33(3): 548-553.
Abstract PDF
Frequency calibration of terahertz time-domain spectrometers using absorption lines of carbon monoxide
SUN Qing, DENG Yu-qiang, YU Jing, XU Tao, Chen Qing-jun
2012, 33(3): 554-557.
Abstract PDF
Kinetic energy measurement for rotationally symmetric fragment using one-dimensional screen
LU Qian, NI Jin-ping
2012, 33(3): 558-563.
Abstract PDF
Null compensator for convex secondary asphere of very large optical telescope
LI Yang, LI Xin-nan
2012, 33(3): 564-569.
Abstract PDF
Application of least mean square adaptive filter technology in laser Doppler velocimeter
LIU Fan, JIN Shi-long, ZHOU Jian
2012, 33(3): 570-574.
Abstract PDF
Iris identification optical lens with high precision
LIU Ya-li, WANG Min, HUANG Mu-wang
2012, 33(3): 575-579.
Abstract PDF
Optical processing technique of small-radius cylindrical lens
CHEN Da-xiang
2012, 33(3): 580-583.
Abstract PDF
Design and analysis of optical path for multi-function mouse
ZHOU Dong-hua, ZHANG Jun, CHEN Zhe, WANG Hong-yin
2012, 33(3): 584-589.
Abstract PDF
Novel optical element for generating non-diffracting line-structured beam
WU Zhi-wei
2012, 33(3): 590-594.
Abstract PDF
Design and preparation of mid-infrared bandpass filter
CHEN Chao-ping, SHI Jian-tao, GUO Rui, BAI Bo, YANG Chong-min, GUO Hong-xiang
2012, 33(3): 595-598.
Abstract PDF
Three-band high-pass filter for infrared detector
DUAN Yao, FU Xiu-hua, ZHANG Bo-nü, SHI Peng, LIU Hao-yuan
2012, 33(3): 599-603.
Abstract PDF
Picosecond time-resolved spectroscopy of ultrafast & high energy pulsed laser
WANG Xiao-peng, XUE Zhan-li, CAO Feng
2012, 33(3): 604-608.
Abstract PDF
Abnormal intensity noises of LD-pumped microchip Nd∶YAG laser
REN Cheng, ZHANG Shu-lian
2012, 33(3): 609-613.
Abstract PDF
Parameter optimized design of satellite laser altimeter-s receiving amplifier
YAN Guo-qiang, ZHANG Peng, NIU Yan-xiong, CUI Yun-xia, FENG Li-shuang
2012, 33(3): 614-618.
Abstract PDF
Analyses and calculations of effectiveness of aperture averaging on space laser communication system
LU Hong-qiang, WANG La-hu, LI Yang, CHEN Ping, LIU Zhao-qing
2012, 33(3): 619-623.
Abstract PDF
Time-delay signature identification in optical feedback chaotic lasers from power spectrum analysis
GUO Yuan-yuan, WU Yuan, WANG Yun-cai
2012, 33(3): 624-628.
Abstract PDF
Influencing factors on fading characteristic of satellite-to-ground optical communication link in weak atmospheric turbulence
JIANG Xiao-feng, ZHAO Shang-hong, HOU Rui, WANG Xiang, LI Yong-jun
2012, 33(3): 629-633.
Abstract PDF
Method for achieving gain-flattened Raman fiber amplifier in the same fiber
GONG Jia-min, PING Lu, LI Rui
2012, 33(3): 634-637.
Abstract PDF
Characteristics of minimum mode-field diameter in tapered fiber
REN Jian-guo, HU Zheng-liang, YANG Hua-yong, ZHANG Xue-liang, HU Yong-ming
2012, 33(3): 638-643.
Abstract PDF
Free-space communication simulation system and its transmission performance based on non-diffracting beam
WANG Xu, WANG Zhong-yu, MAO Fang-ru, LI Meng
2012, 33(3): 644-648.
Abstract PDF