Numerical simulation for optical transmission of aero-optical dome
FAN Zhi-gang, XIAO Hao-su, LI Hui
2011, 32(2): 189-194.
Abstract PDF
Optical design of microscopic imaging system for ultraviolet-visiblewide spectrum
CHEN Jiao, JIAO Ming-yin, CHANG Wei-jun, KANG Wen-li
2011, 32(2): 195-199.
Abstract PDF
Real-time detection of tangential displacement deviation in rotating parts
FU Qian, CHEN Chang-ying, CHEN Xi, HONG Yue, ZHAO Hui-shan, MO Chen-xiao, LUO Hong-tu
2011, 32(2): 200-205.
Abstract PDF
AImplementation of a block processing mode of digital filter on DSP
SUO Liang, LIANG Fang
2011, 32(2): 206-210.
Abstract PDF
Lens design for uniform illumination of rectangle area with LED
LI Jing
2011, 32(2): 211-214.
Abstract PDF
Jones matrix analysis for polarization state distribution on image surface of Pechan prism
LU Jin-jun, YUAN Qiao, LU Hua
2011, 32(2): 215-221.
Abstract PDF
Design of retinal projection display system
YANG Zhen, GUO Zhong-da, Yang Zhi-qiang
2011, 32(2): 222-225.
Abstract PDF
Optical design of three-group telescope zoom eyepiece
YAO Lin, XIANG Yang, HUO Xiao-xin, SUN Yan
2011, 32(2): 226-229.
Abstract PDF
Incoherently coupled spatial soliton families in centrosymmetric photorefractive crystals
JI Xuan-mang, WANG Jin-lai, JIANG Qi-chang, LIU Jin-song
2011, 32(2): 230-235.
Abstract PDF
Optical properties of silicon oxide thin films deposited by reactive ion-beam sputtering method
2011, 32(2): 236-240.
Abstract PDF
X-ray imaging diagnosis using spherically bent crystal analyzer
QIAN Jia-yu, XIAO Sha-li, WU Yu-fen, LIU Li-feng
2011, 32(2): 241-244.
Abstract PDF
Analysis and processing of field curvature without astigmatism based on diffraction theory
CHANG Shan, WU Bo, SANG Zhi-wen, CHENG Li-bin
2011, 32(2): 245-249.
Abstract PDF
Image enhancement algorithm based on super resolution reconstruction
ZHANG Yi-fei, LI Liang-fu, WANG Jiao-ying, ZHENG Bao-zhong
2011, 32(2): 250-255.
Abstract PDF
Modeling of indirect spatial position algorithm for underwater vehicle
YANG Yong-an, CHEN Fang-bin, JIANG Tao, LI Guang-liang
2011, 32(2): 256-260.
Abstract PDF
Calculative method for fire lift-off capability of perturbation flow basedon image parameters
JIANG Xiao-gang, SHI Kan, LUO Yu-hong, WANG Yong
2011, 32(2): 261-266.
Abstract PDF
Numerical analysis of CW laser damage in Germanium
CUI Yun-xia, NIU Yan-xiong, WANG Cai-li
2011, 32(2): 267-271.
Abstract PDF
Small target detection based on image sequences
HE Peng-fei, SU Xin-yan, WANG jian
2011, 32(2): 272-275.
Abstract PDF
Rapid 3D shape measurement based on color-encoded fringe projection
WANG Lu-yang, DA Fei-peng
2011, 32(2): 276-281.
Abstract PDF
Optical testing of multi-electrode electrostatic membrane mirror
ZHONG Xing, JIN Guang, ZHANG Peng, ZHANG Yuan
2011, 32(2): 282-286.
Abstract PDF
AMacro-condenser test of reflection converged paraboloid
SU Cheng-ren
2011, 32(2): 287-290.
Abstract PDF
Geometric parameter measurement based on image sequence
LIU Peng, WANG Jian, WANG Shi-qin
2011, 32(2): 291-295.
Abstract PDF
Technical solution on reducing reflectance of MCP inputsurface electrode
LIU Shu-lin, KUANG Lei, SUN Jian-ning, JIA Yong-qian, ZHI Qiang, TAN Yu
2011, 32(2): 296-299.
Abstract PDF
Third generation of image intensifier brightness gain measurement device
SHI Ji-fang, WANG Sheng-yun, SUN Yu-nan, XIE Qi
2011, 32(2): 300-302.
Abstract PDF
Polarization-independent all-fiber birefringent filter with adjustablewavelength spacing
ZHONG Yu-guang, ZHANG Zu-xing, QIAO Xue-zeng, TAO Xiang-yang
2011, 32(2): 303-307.
Abstract PDF
Numerical simulation on nonlinear transmissive characteristicsof fiber Bragg grating
TANG Li, PENG Yong-jun
2011, 32(2): 308-316.
Abstract PDF
Power conversion efficiency of tapered fiber
JIANG Yao, XIAO Zhi-gang
2011, 32(2): 317-322.
Abstract PDF
Electro-optic laser scanner for arbitrary scanning in 8 rows
WAN Ling-yu, LU Zhi-yong, WANG Rong-cheng
2011, 32(2): 323-328.
Abstract PDF
Characteristics of three types of OADM
YANG Hua-yong, JIANG Nuan, ZHANG Xue-liang, HU Yong-ming
2011, 32(2): 329-334.
Abstract PDF
Manufacturing technology for high order aspheric surface
YUAN Lu-jun, CHEN Tao
2011, 32(2): 335-342.
Abstract PDF
Calculation of cloud infrared radiation based on optical depth
LOU Shu-li, ZHOU Xiao-dong
2011, 32(2): 343-347.
Abstract PDF
Hardware-in-the-loop simulation of panoramic multi-target infraredstaring tracker
LI Gang, YAN Zong-qun, HE Yong-qiang, LU Xu-guang
2011, 32(2): 348-352.
Abstract PDF
Structural finite element analysis of path length control mirror forlaser gyroscopes
ZHANG Ming-hui, LIU Yuan-zheng, LAN Pei-feng, ZHANG Zhen-rong
2011, 32(2): 353-357.
Abstract PDF
Reduced order anti-synchronization between single mode laserLorenz system and Duffing system
LI Zhan-guo, XU Wei
2011, 32(2): 358-362.
Abstract PDF
Key techniques of DMD in laser lithography
HUANG Xin-dong, YIN Tao
2011, 32(2): 363-366.
Abstract PDF
Inversion algorithm of laser particle size test based on Projection algorithm
WANG Xue-yan, LIU Chan-lao
2011, 32(2): 367-372.
Abstract PDF
Characterization of 1 064 nm laser induced damagein ALD optical film
LIU Zhi-chao, WEI Yao-wei, CHEN Song-lin, MA Ping
2011, 32(2): 373-376.
Abstract PDF