Study on LOS stabilization accuracy of optoelectronic imaging system on moving carrier
ZHU Hua-zheng, FAN Da-peng, MA Dong-xi, ZHANG Wen-bo
2009, 30(4): 537-541.
Abstract PDF
Optical design of coaxial eccentric-pupil three-mirror system with wide field of view
LI Xu-yang, MA Zhen, LI Ying-cai
2009, 30(4): 542-546.
Abstract PDF
Design of miniaturization for fog transmission zoom lens
HU Ji-xian, HU Feng
2009, 30(4): 547-551.
Abstract PDF
Design of free-form-surface prism in head mounted display
CHEN Yun-liang, LI Tie-cai, QIU Xiang-hui
2009, 30(4): 552-557.
Abstract PDF
Design of optical system with axial gradient index mixing medium
ZHAO Cun-hua, YAN Hui-ying
2009, 30(4): 558-562.
Abstract PDF
Optimal design of 3-D superresolution pupil filter
TIAN Ming-li, XUE Xi-chang
2009, 30(4): 563-566.
Abstract PDF
Correction of different-axis synchronization and arbitrary distance for vehicle panoramic sight platform
CAO Hui, PENG Fu-lun, WANG Hu, LIANG Hong-jun, XU Jiao-jie, YAN Ning
2009, 30(4): 567-574.
Abstract PDF
Program design of outer baffle vanes and improvement ofconical inner baffle in R-C system
GAO Guo-peng, XIONG Wang-e, GAN Yu-quan, LIU Yang
2009, 30(4): 575-579.
Abstract PDF
Incoherently coupled bright-dark screening-photovoltaic soliton pairs in two-photon photorefractive media
JI Xuan-mang, JIANG Qi-chang, LIU Jin-song
2009, 30(4): 580-584.
Abstract PDF
Simplified method to calibrate cameras based on DLT model
ZHAO Gao-chang, WU Feng-bo, ZHOU Bin, YANG Zhong-min, QIAO Bao-ming
2009, 30(4): 585-589.
Abstract PDF
Improvement of holographic characteristics of water-resisting red-sensitive photopolymer and its application
LI Zhan-hua, ZHANG He-ling, SHAO Ji-bao, XU Xiang-min, SHI Lei
2009, 30(4): 590-595.
Abstract PDF
Phase-space analysis for fractional Fourier transform of first-order optical system
PAN Wei-qing, ZHU Yong-jian, WANG Jian-zhong
2009, 30(4): 596-600.
Abstract PDF
Image compensation algorithm for obscured image region in sequence images
HAN Mei, JI Ming, XIAO Jun, YANG Guang, LIU Bo
2009, 30(4): 601-604.
Abstract PDF
Canny edge based registration algorithm of IRand visible images
ZHOU Feng-fei, CHEN Wei-dong, LI Liang-fu
2009, 30(4): 605-609.
Abstract PDF
Experimental research and simulation of wide-fieldoptical coherence tomograph
JIA Jia, FENG Ying-qi
2009, 30(4): 610-615.
Abstract PDF
Error analysis of common iterative reconstruction algorithmsin optical chromatographic technique
CHANG Fang-Fei, ZHANG Zhi-Min
2009, 30(4): 616-621.
Abstract PDF
Design and realization of videometric system for structural displacement measurement
ZHANG Xiao-hu, ZHOU Xiang, ZHOU Jian, SHANG Yang, YU Qi-feng
2009, 30(4): 622-625.
Abstract PDF
Polarization-beam-splitter measurement of rotary angle for Faraday mirror
HAO Yun-qi, LI Hai-ning, YANG Kun, KONG Peng, SU Lei, LI Jun-feng, CHEN Zhen-ping
2009, 30(4): 626-630.
Abstract PDF
Measurement of micro-scale flame based on digital image processing
WANG Yong, DUAN Zhi-xuan, JIANG Li-qiao, ZHAO Dai-qing, WANG Xiao-han
2009, 30(4): 631-634.
Abstract PDF
An experimental research on particle size and volume concentration based on light scattering
XIAO Hong-bo, CHEN Gang
2009, 30(4): 635-638.
Abstract PDF
Application of hyper-spectral image technology in detecting agricultural product
WANG Lei, QIAO Xiao-yan, DONG You-er, ZHANG Shu, SHANG Yan-fei
2009, 30(4): 639-645.
Abstract PDF
Bulk absorption laser calorimeter operating in non-standard environment
YU Shuai, LI Gao-ping, SANG Peng, WU Yao
2009, 30(4): 646-649.
Abstract PDF
Relation between signal-to-noise ratio of LLL image intensifier and voltage of MCP
LIU Shu-lin, DONG Yu-hui, SUN Jian-ning, DENG Guang-xu
2009, 30(4): 650-653.
Abstract PDF
Influence of different Cs-to-O current ratios on sensitivity and stability of activating GaAs photocathodes
FENG Liu, LIU Hui, CHENG Hong-chang, SHI Feng, SHI Peng-fei, REN Bing, ZHANG Lian-dong
2009, 30(4): 654-658.
Abstract PDF
Design and fabrication of beam splitters ininfrared detection device
YANG Chong-min, SHI Jian-tao, ZHAO Xing-mei
2009, 30(4): 659-661.
Abstract PDF
Interleave filter properties of 1-D coated laser hologram photonic crystal
YU Zhi-ming, ZHOU Jing
2009, 30(4): 662-665.
Abstract PDF
Spectrum filter for transmitting in 0.45μm~1.6μm and reflecting in 8μm~12μm
LIU Yong-qiang, YANG Yi-min, YANG Chong-min, ZHANG Wan-hu, ZHANG Jian-fu, WANG Ying-hui
2009, 30(4): 666-668.
Abstract PDF
Method of fabricating light guide plate template based on DMD micro-lithography
LI Xiao-jian, ZHU Ji-liang, SHEN Su, ZHOU Xiao-hong, CHEN Lin-sen
2009, 30(4): 669-673.
Abstract PDF
Design of fiber Bragg gratings using particle swarm optimization
XIE Jun-hua, QIN Zi-xiong, ZENG Qing-ke, OU Qi-biao, HUANG Fu, ZHOU Heng-chao
2009, 30(4): 674-677.
Abstract PDF
Cardiovascular stent cutting technique by fiber laser
GUAN Bang-gui, LIAO Jian-hong, QIN yan-fu, MENG Hong-yun
2009, 30(4): 678-682.
Abstract PDF
Athermal design of refractive/diffractive hybrid infrared optical system working at 3.7μm~4.8μm
SHEN Liang-ji, FENG Zhuo-xiang
2009, 30(4): 683-687.
Abstract PDF
Infrared radiative transfer model of pollution cloud and computer simulation of infrared spectra
JIANG Fei-hong
2009, 30(4): 688-691.
Abstract PDF
Population pulsation effect in four-frequency differential laser gyro
YANG Jian-qiang, WANG Guo-chen
2009, 30(4): 692-696.
Abstract PDF
Propagation characteristics of laser pointing in atmosphere environment
LU Hong, GAO Ming
2009, 30(4): 697-702.
Abstract PDF
Miniaturization of laser pumped by high-power LD array
ZHANG Biao, GAO Wei, YANG Zhao-jin, YANG Hong-ru
2009, 30(4): 703-706.
Abstract PDF
LD end-pumped solid-state CW green laser with air and water hybrid cooling system
SHEN Zhao-guo, BAI Yang, WANG Ce, BAI Jin-tao
2009, 30(4): 707-711.
Abstract PDF
Test setup for high power narrow pulsese miconductor laser
CHEN Sheng-shi, OU Qiu-ye, NING Zi-li, XUE Chang-jia, JI Ming, ZHOU Li-hua, ZHANG Xiao-hui
2009, 30(4): 712-716.
Abstract PDF