Adaptive window object tracking based on variable resolution
LI Liang-fu, FENG Zu-ren, CHEN Wei, BAI Bo, CHEN Wei-dong, JI Ming
2009, 30(2): 177-182.
Abstract PDF
Optical image encryption based on frequency splitting domain and Fresnel domain
REN Guo-zhao, JING Xi-li, XIE Dan-yan
2009, 30(2): 183-186.
Abstract PDF
Thinking on key technology of vehicle mounted extensible mast system
CHEN Li-xue, LIU Yu, LI Rui-feng
2009, 30(2): 187-190.
Abstract PDF
Distribution characteristics of LED arrays based on MATLAB
HUO Yan-ming, WU Shu-mei, TAN Jun-ting, FENG Li-hua
2009, 30(2): 191-194.
Abstract PDF
Fast template matching tracking algorithm based on image separation block processing
QIANG Shi-jin, RONG Jian
2009, 30(2): 195-198.
Abstract PDF
Design of wide spectrum low-light-level collimating lens
GUO Cheng, WANG Gao-ming, ZHANG Liang-liang, YANG Zhi-wen
2009, 30(2): 199-201.
Abstract PDF
Optical characteristics of black carbon and dust aerosols with HITRAN data
GE Jin-ming, LIU Yu-zhi, HUANG Jian-ping, SU Jing, LI Ji-ming, BI Jian-rong
2009, 30(2): 202-209.
Abstract PDF
Realization of all-optical interconnection based on optical solitons′ interaction in strong nonlocal medium
ZHANG Xia-ping, LIU You-wen
2009, 30(2): 210-214.
Abstract PDF
Ion beam neutralization of broad beam cold cathode ion source
MI Qian, GU Ke-yi, QIN Ying
2009, 30(2): 215-219.
Abstract PDF
Energy transfer of OLEDs made from PVK doped with fac-tris-2-phenylpyridine iridium (III)
YANG Shao-peng, ZHAO Fang-chao, QIU Xiao-li, QIN Xiang-dong, WANG Li-shun, JU Xiu-qin
2009, 30(2): 220-224.
Abstract PDF
Special functions for beam drift in atmospheric turbulence
GAO Ming, LI Zhan-bin
2009, 30(2): 225-228.
Abstract PDF
High precision lens jacket method based on image processing
FU Wen-qing, XU Feng, WANG Yong-liang
2009, 30(2): 229-232.
Abstract PDF
Study on pre-processing of THz laser active image
YAO Rui, LI Qi, YIN Qi-guo, WANG Qi
2009, 30(2): 233-235.
Abstract PDF
Laser detection of ship wake flow based on phase-locking amplifier
LIU Chang, JI Bang-jie, LI Jian-chen, WANG Hai-lu, YAN You-rong
2009, 30(2): 236-241.
Abstract PDF
Adaptive SMC for nonlinear optoelectronic servo ystem with uncertainty
WANG Hong-hong, CHEN Fang-bin, JIANG Tao, LI Guang-liang
2009, 30(2): 242-245.
Abstract PDF
Stray light analysis of Fabry-Perot interference imaging spectrometer
DU Shu-song, WANG Yong-mei, DU Guo-jun, WANG Ying-jian
2009, 30(2): 246-251.
Abstract PDF
Recognition algorithm for star pattern of little swatch based on BP neural network
MA Tao, SUN Hong-hui, XIAO Song, LIU Chao-shan
2009, 30(2): 252-256.
Abstract PDF
Effect of amplitude proportion and phase difference on ropagation of optical soliton pair
MENG Xiao-bo, ZHOU Jun, GAO Yong-feng, REN Chun-yang
2009, 30(2): 263-267.
Abstract PDF
Method of reconstruction on Fourier-Transform spectroscopy
LI Su-ning, ZHU Ri-hong, LI Jian-xin, WANG Yan
2009, 30(2): 268-272.
Abstract PDF
Testing of large aspheric surfaces by subaperture stitching interferometry
, , , , , ,
2009, 30(2): 273-278.
Abstract PDF
Comparison method for CCD camera accuracy in photography measurement
ZHANG De-hai, LIANG Jin, GUO Cheng
2009, 30(2): 279-284.
Abstract PDF
Simulation and analysis of thermospheric wind velocity
LI Hao, ZHANG Yan-ge
2009, 30(2): 285-290.
Abstract PDF
Detection of reactive oxygen species (ROS) in mainstream cigarette smoke using fluorescent probe
XU Shi-jie, LIU li, TANG Jing, LI Song-zan
2009, 30(2): 291-295.
Abstract PDF
Mass spectrometric analysis for gas components baked from glass cementation cathode module
XU Jiang-tao
2009, 30(2): 296-299.
Abstract PDF
Method of choosing ideal imaging plane in image intensifier MTF measurement
BAI Xiao-feng
2009, 30(2): 300-303.
Abstract PDF
Process design for micro core mould of binary optical element
GONG Yong-qing, LIU Zhi-huai, GAO Yi-qing, LUO Ning-ning, LI Ping-gui
2009, 30(2): 304-308.
Abstract PDF
High precision glass drilling technology
LIU Jun-han, YAN De-quan, ZHOU Yang
2009, 30(2): 309-312.
Abstract PDF
Design of optical Interleaver based on non-uniformly sampled FBG
ZHANG Xing-jiao, YE Zhi-qing
2009, 30(2): 313-316.
Abstract PDF
Design of single-mode all-fiber hydrophone and its drive circuit
YANG Wu-ying, ZUO Hong-ji, ZHENG Li, CANG Yu-ping, LI Jin-ke, CHEN Liang-yi
2009, 30(2): 317-320.
Abstract PDF
Weak pressure sensor based on photonic crystal fibers
PENG Hui, WEN Ke, YANG Zheng-chun, LIANG Xiao-ming
2009, 30(2): 321-324.
Abstract PDF
Numerical simulation of ultrafast energy transport in monocrystalline silicon films under femtosecond laser irradiation
LIU Guo-dong, LUO Fu, WANG Gui-bing, LI Jian-feng, FU Bo
2009, 30(2): 325-329.
Abstract PDF
Intelligent test system for performance parameter of laser
WANG Guo-fu, OUYANG Shan, LIU Qing-hua, DING Yong, CHEN Liang-yi
2009, 30(2): 330-333.
Abstract PDF
Application of differential laser Doppler velocimeter in solid velocity measurement
ZHOU Jian, LONG Xing-wu
2009, 30(2): 334-337.
Abstract PDF
Light field distribution in side-pumped rod-shaped laser medium of laser diode arrays
ZHANG Biao, GAO Wei, YANG Zhao-jin, YANG Hong-ru
2009, 30(2): 338-343.
Abstract PDF
Acoustic wave resonance in CuBr laser discharge tube
MA Tao
2009, 30(2): 344-347.
Abstract PDF
Uncooled infrared focal plane array detector module with the self-adaptive non-uniformity correction function
JIN Wei-qi, CAO Yang, LIU Chong-liang, LIU Xiu, DONG Li-quan, ZHANG Chang-quan
2009, 30(2): 348-352.
Abstract PDF
Error analysis for gate centroid tracking algorithm of infrared imaging
WANG Ke-wei, MA Chao-jie, CHEN Wei, ZHANG Fan
2009, 30(2): 353-356.
Abstract PDF
Adaptive algorithm for infrared target enhancement
GUO Jia, QIN Wen-gang, LIU Wei-guo
2009, 30(2): 357-360.
Abstract PDF