Adjustment technique of optoelectronic products
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Abstract PDF
Test method of target identification and location for reconnaissance vehicles
CHEN Li-xue
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Abstract PDF
Application of synthetic aperture in dynamic imaging of photoelectric theodolite
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Abstract PDF
Design of two-dimensional rotation mechanism and closed-loop servo system
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Abstract PDF
Fabrication of anti-reflection film on zinc selenide substrate
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Abstract PDF
Double mode control arithmetic employed in nonlinear position servo system
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Abstract PDF
Technology of ultraviolet detection
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Abstract PDF
Effects of different texture on performance of monocrystalline silicon solar cells
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Abstract PDF
Research progress in ZAO transparent conductive films
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Abstract PDF
Effect of noise on photon-counting imaging quality
ZHU Yu-feng, XIANG Shi-ming
2008, 29(supp): 34-37.
Abstract PDF
Method of infrared image conversion from 2-D to 3-D
XIAO Li-li, FU Dong-mei
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Abstract PDF
Technologies of passive and active infrared thermal imaging
XU Yi-guang, LIU Bo, LI Yan-hong, ZHANG Cun-lin
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Abstract PDF
New design method of optical system with dual FOVs
2008, 29(supp): 49-52.
Abstract PDF
Design of 4f system to implement optical wavelet transform
2008, 29(supp): 53-58.
Abstract PDF
Design of mechanically-actuated variable focus liquid lens
ZHANG Wei, ZHANG Hong-jian, TIAN Wei-jian
2008, 29(supp): 59-63.
Abstract PDF
Methods of distortion measurement of panoramic camera lens
CONG Shan-shan, WANG Zhi-jian, ZHANG Jia-xin, WANG Jia-ke
2008, 29(supp): 64-66.
Abstract PDF
New method for measurement of ballute relative attitude by single camera
LIU Xiao-chun, LEI Zhi-hui, CAO Yong, SUN Xiang-yi, ZHANG Xiao-hu, WANG Kun-peng
2008, 29(supp): 67-71.
Abstract PDF
Measurement technology of three-dimensional outline based on ray tracing
CHEN Wen-jian, WU Feng-bo
2008, 29(supp): 72-75.
Abstract PDF
Calibration for optical axe direction of uniaxial crystal by interferometric method
WANG Shao-kai, PENG Cheng-zhi, JIANG Shuo
2008, 29(supp): 76-78.
Abstract PDF
Feasibility study on detection and orientation of unmanned aerial vehicles by laser
ZHAO Xing-long, ZHAO Yan-zhong, SHI Jian-jun, ZHAO Jing-shan, ZHANG Zheng-wu
2008, 29(supp): 79-82.
Abstract PDF
Application analysis of lidar in range measurement
ZOU Shi-qian, ZHOU Ji
2008, 29(supp): 83-86.
Abstract PDF
Underwater detection by laser
ZHOU Wen-jia, WANG Wen-iang, YU Bo, YANG Yi-ming, HE Yan-lan
2008, 29(supp): 87-89.
Abstract PDF
Technology of laser incoherent combination
XING En-ming, SHANG Wei-dong
2008, 29(supp): 90-93.
Abstract PDF
Ablation damage caused by laser beam to solar cell of satellite
WU Bin
2008, 29(supp): 94-99.
Abstract PDF
Analysis and modelling on fibre optic gyroscope drift
LI Zhi-hong, ZHANG Kai, YANG Jin-hua
2008, 29(supp): 100-104.
Abstract PDF
A dynamic strain sensor with fiber Bragg gratings
YANG Peng-ling, WANG Qun-shu, FENG Guo-bin, LIU Fu-hua, CHENG Jian-ping
2008, 29(supp): 105-108.
Abstract PDF
A new method of closed-loop FOG detection based on triangular waveform phase compensation
LIU Bing, GUO Shuan-yun
2008, 29(supp): 109-112.
Abstract PDF
Structures and applications of ring fiber bundles
ZHU Yun-qing, XU Ming-quan, ZHAO Jin-lin, ZHANG Xi-yue
2008, 29(supp): 113-116.
Abstract PDF
Reflection spectrum characteristics of FBG based on interference principle
FU Jian-wei, XIAO Li-zhi, YU Hui-jun
2008, 29(supp): 117-119.
Abstract PDF
Filtering method for diffraction patterns of particles based on spin filtering
QU Hong, MA Wei-hong
2008, 29(supp): 120-123.
Abstract PDF
Simulation realization of nonlinear camera calibration
YU Fen-qi, LEI Jin-li
2008, 29(supp): 124-126.
Abstract PDF
Application of virtual reality technology in computer simulation
YAN Hong-rui, MA Li-ju
2008, 29(supp): 127-129.
Abstract PDF
Method of Monte Carlo inversion for optimization of sparse-aperture system
YI Hong-wei, LI Ying-cai, WANG Jiao, FAN Chao
2008, 29(supp): 130-135.
Abstract PDF
Laser diffraction from 1-D SAW in case of oblique incidence
SONG Xiao-na, MIAO Run-cai, ZHU Feng, YAN Rui
2008, 29(supp): 136-139.
Abstract PDF
Transmission characteristic of linear polarized light with different wavelength in twisted-nematic liquid crystal
NI Bang-hui, CHEN Ting, FENG Shi-meng, XIE Jia-ning
2008, 29(supp): 140-144.
Abstract PDF
Resolving method of bore-sighting parameters for helmet-mounted sight
YU Fen-qi, LEI Jin-li
2008, 29(supp): 145-147.
Abstract PDF
Method of improving colouration index of white LED with complementary color
ZHANG Ming-jie, WANG Wei-sheng, XU Jia, QIU Song
2008, 29(supp): 148-151.
Abstract PDF
Matrixing of paraxial ray propagation
YOU Jian-cun
2008, 29(supp): 152-154.
Abstract PDF