Vision calibration algorithm for object tracking and positioning
LI Liang-fu, CHEN Wei-dong, FENG Zu-ren, ZHENG Bao-zhong
2008, 29(4): 481-487.
Abstract PDF
Determination of entry and exit points in alt-azimuth zenith blind region by three-axis electro-optical tracker
LIU Xing-fa
2008, 29(4): 488-492.
Abstract PDF
Improvement of positioning algorithm for four-quadrant optoelectronic detection system
YU Feng, HE Ye, LI Song, ZHANG Ji-tao
2008, 29(4): 493-497.
Abstract PDF
Best ellipse description method of target area
ZHANG Heng, LI Li-chun, LI You
2008, 29(4): 498-502.
Abstract PDF
Optical correlation image recognition technology to resist scale distortion
SHAO Jun, HUA Wen-shen, ZHOU Zhong-liang, GAN Hou-ji
2008, 29(4): 503-507.
Abstract PDF
Off-axis use of Cassegrain telescope in heterodyne detection system
MAO Hong-min, XU Jing, ZHEN Sheng-lai, MA Yu-fen, YU Ben-li
2008, 29(4): 508-511.
Abstract PDF
Reflex light-tube in azimuth pointing system of missile
2008, 29(4): 512-517.
Abstract PDF
Imaging properties of 5×5 array composed of square GRIN lens
WANG Feng, LIU De-sen, JIANG Xiao-ping, ZHOU Su-mei
2008, 29(4): 518-521.
Abstract PDF
Investigation of electro-optic modulator based on guide mode resonance
YUAN Wen, NIE Yi-you, SANG Ming-huang, LIU Guo-dong
2008, 29(4): 522-525.
Abstract PDF
Study on micro-jet on ultra-high speed shadow photography
WANG Wei, LI Zuo-you, LI Xin-zhu, LI Jian, SHANG Chang-shui
2008, 29(4): 526-529.
Abstract PDF
Determination of optimum penetration wavelength for fog lights
LV Zheng, XU Tao
2008, 29(4): 530-532.
Abstract PDF
Test method of life-time and reliability evaluation for high-power LED
HE Wei-li, GUO Wei-ling, GAO Wei, SHI Chen, CHEN Xi, WU Juan, CHEN Jian-xin
2008, 29(4): 533-536.
Abstract PDF
Design of wide-angle depolarization flat-plate light-splitting film for three wavelengths
WANG Wen-liang, XIONG Sheng-ming, ZHANG Yun-dong
2008, 29(4): 537-541.
Abstract PDF
Optimal design of antireflective films based on genetic algorithms
WU Su-yong, LONG Xing-wu
2008, 29(4): 542-547.
Abstract PDF
MTF and imaging quality of axially symmetrical optical systems with synthetic aperture
SUN Jiang-qin, QIAN Lin, WU Quan-ying
2008, 29(4): 548-552.
Abstract PDF
Dynamic data exchange between Zemax and Matlab
ZHANG Wen-jing, LIU Wen-guang, LIU Ze-jin
2008, 29(4): 553-556.
Abstract PDF
Method for eliminating thickness non-uniformity of transmission Cs2Te photocathode
CHENG Hong-chang, SHI Feng, FENG Liu, LIU Hui, SHI Peng-fei
2008, 29(4): 557-561.
Abstract PDF
Optimization for signal-to-noise ratio of low-light-level image intensifier
SHI Feng, CHENG Hong-chang, HE Ying-ping, LIANG Hong-jun
2008, 29(4): 562-564.
Abstract PDF
Infrared imaging model based on geometrical optics
ZHANG Hao-su, ZHAO Yan, XU Dong
2008, 29(4): 565-571.
Abstract PDF
Algorithm of GVF Snake contour extraction for infrared image
WANG Jian-hua, LIU Chan-lao, ZHENG Yang-guang, WANG Ying
2008, 29(4): 572-575.
Abstract PDF
Design of optical window for photo-detector in ring laser gyro
HU Zhi-qiang, YAO He-bao, JIANG Jun-biao, WANG Song-Wei, ZHU Guan-fang
2008, 29(4): 576-579.
Abstract PDF
Modeling and theoretical analysis for improving laser polarized active imaging
ZHANG Xu-guo, JIANG Yue-song, LU Xiao-mei, LI Fang
2008, 29(4): 580-584.
Abstract PDF
Application of multi-resolution analysis in extraction of laser micro-Doppler effect features
SHENG Mei-ju, YUAN Shuai, WANG Jian-hua, ZHANG Jun
2008, 29(4): 585-589.
Abstract PDF
Influence of background scattering on measurement accuracy of laser radar cross section
BAO Xue-zhi, GAO Wei, JIA Yang-yu, LV Hong-peng
2008, 29(4): 590-594.
Abstract PDF
Investigation into parameters of grating scanning spectrometer
LIU Han-chen, WANG Qiu-ping, ZHANG Chong-hui, WANG An-xiang, JIANG Xue-fang
2008, 29(4): 595-598.
Abstract PDF
Recent progress in 1.4μm~1.7μm broadband light amplification materials
ZHOU Bo, XIAO Zhi-song, YAN Lu, ZHU Fang, HUANG An-ping, WANG Jin-liang, XU Huai-zhe
2008, 29(4): 599-605.
Abstract PDF
Study on surface roughness of ZrO2 thin films
PAN Yong-qiang, WU Zhen-sen, HANG Ling-xia, LUO Ting
2008, 29(4): 606-609.
Abstract PDF
Optical constant measurement of rough surface alloy steel by ellipsometry
WU Ying-li, WU Zhen-sen
2008, 29(4): 610-613.
Abstract PDF
High-precision optoelectronic axis angle measurement in space
ZHANG Fan, TAO Kun-yu
2008, 29(4): 614-618.
Abstract PDF
Improved method for three-dimensional profile measurement based on grating projection
CHENG Yin, YU De-min, XU Zeng-pu, WANG Yong-qiang
2008, 29(4): 619-624.
Abstract PDF
Improved algorithm for Sobel edge detection of image
JIN Peng-fei
2008, 29(4): 625-628.
Abstract PDF
Banknote recognition technology based on fluorescence spectrum analysis method
HUANG Ying, XIE Yan-hong, YI Xin-jian
2008, 29(4): 629-632.
Abstract PDF
Simulation study on depolarization for imperfect orthogonal mirrors
CHEN Li-gang, HONG Jin, QIAO Yan-li, SONG Zhi-ping, ZHANG Dong-ying, LI Wen-tao, QIU Zhen-wei
2008, 29(4): 633-638.
Abstract PDF
Theoretical study on photonic crystal tunable filter with multiple channels
LIU Qi-neng
2008, 29(4): 639-643.
Abstract PDF
Planar optical waveguide mode in biosensing
WANG Xue-jun, LU Ya-xiong, WANG Zhi-gang
2008, 29(4): 644-648.
Abstract PDF
Influence of spatial frequency on diffraction efficiency of transmission hologram
REN Yu-fen, ZHANG La-mei
2008, 29(4): 649-652.
Abstract PDF
Hybrid input-output algorithm for phase retrieval of 2-D complex image in fractional Fourier domain
CUI Yuan-feng, LIAO Tian-he, GAO Qiong
2008, 29(4): 653-656.
Abstract PDF
Resonance tunnelling of two-level atom between double single-mode cavity fields
SUN Yu-hang, LUAN Qian-jin
2008, 29(4): 657-660.
Abstract PDF
Propagation characteristics of beam passing through optical system with annular diaphragm
HAN Yong, WU Jian, YANG Chun-ping, HE Wu-guang, XU Guang-yong, YE Zheng-yu
2008, 29(4): 661-664.
Abstract PDF