New method for moving target detection based on positive and negative difference images
WANG Kun-peng, ZHANG Xiao-hu, LI Li-chun, YU Qi-feng
2007, 28(5): 521-525.
Abstract PDF
Imaging restoration for sparse aperture optical systems based on wavelet threshold and Wiener filtering
ZHU Xi-fang, WU Feng
2007, 28(5): 526-530.
Abstract PDF
Image processing of spherical-aberration auto-measurement system based on Hartmann method
LI Jian-xin, LI Ju-chun
2007, 28(5): 531-535.
Abstract PDF
Improvement of image matching algorithm based on gray correlation
LIU Ying, CAO Jian-zhong, XU Zhao-hui, TIAN Yan, FU Tong-tang, WANG Feng
2007, 28(5): 536-540.
Abstract PDF
Modeling of optical system for optical storage with method of quaternion
YAN Shuang, CHENG Xue-min, MA Jian-she, PAN Long-fa
2007, 28(5): 541-547.
Abstract PDF
New sighting telescope for light arms
LIU Guang-can, BAI Ting-zhu, WANG Hao-qiu, ZHOU Hou-you
2007, 28(5): 548-552.
Abstract PDF
New data transform method for thermal/mechanical/optical integrated analysis:interferogram interpolation
LIU Shao-bin, YANG Hong-bo
2007, 28(5): 553-558.
Abstract PDF
Finite element simulation and analysis for type identification of defects under material surfaces in infrared thermal wave nondestructive detection
ZHAO Shi-bin, ZHAO Jia, ZHANG Cun-lin, DING You-fu, LI Yan-hong
2007, 28(5): 559-563.
Abstract PDF
Photometric performance of miniature spectrometer-based on linear CCD
HUANG Zhen-yu, SUN Li-qun
2007, 28(5): 564-568.
Abstract PDF
Design of long focal length large-aperture optical zoom system
HU Ji-xian
2007, 28(5): 569-572.
Abstract PDF
Design of stabilized panoramic sight with inertial navigation
CHEN Wen-jian, LIANG Qing-qian, JIANG Xiao-cun
2007, 28(5): 573-577.
Abstract PDF
Theoretical model for resolution calculation of third generation image intensifiers
CHENG Yao-jin, XIANG Shi-ming, SHI Hong-li
2007, 28(5): 578-581.
Abstract PDF
Design of electron gun for scrubbing microchannel plate
CHENG Hong-chang, SHI Feng, HOU Zhi-peng, SHI Hong-li, SHI Peng-fei
2007, 28(5): 582-586.
Abstract PDF
Error analysis and comparison of spectral responsivity calibration methods for HgCdTe-IRFPA imaging detector
TAO Kun-yu, LI Fu-wei, FU Sen, ZHOU Yan-ping
2007, 28(5): 587-592.
Abstract PDF
Acoustooptic Q-switching performance of composite-pumped DPL
YANG Ai-fen, GUO Zhen, WANG Shi-yu, CAI De-fang, WEN Jian-guo
2007, 28(5): 593-597.
Abstract PDF
Application of solid immersion lens to three-dimensional optical storage with femtosecond laser
HE Feng-tao, CHENG Guang-hua, HAO Ai-hua, SHI Jian
2007, 28(5): 598-602.
Abstract PDF
Application of laser interferogram technique in characterizing supersonic gas jet
WU Yu-chi, ZHANG Bao-han, GU Yu-qiu, YANG Chao-wen, GE Fang-fang, WANG Lei, WANG Hong-bin, LIU Hong-jie, CHEN Jia-bin, HE Ying-ling, ZHENG Zhi-jian
2007, 28(5): 603-607.
Abstract PDF
Channel characteristics of stimulated Raman scattering with dispersion effect in optical fiber communication system
LIU Yu, FANG Qiang, JIN Xin-yu
2007, 28(5): 608-613.
Abstract PDF
Cross-sensitivity of fiber grating sensor measurement
ZHANG Bo, YAN Gao-shi, DENG Yi-jun
2007, 28(5): 614-618.
Abstract PDF
Design of strain measurement system with embedded fiber Bragg grating
CHENG Shu-hong, LI Zhi-quan
2007, 28(5): 619-622.
Abstract PDF
0.4μm~1.1μm AR film prepared with TiO2, SiO2 and MgF2
TAN Yu, LIANG Hong-jun, LIU Yong-qiang, ZHAO Xing-mei
2007, 28(5): 623-626.
Abstract PDF
Axicon′s diffraction mode for spherical wave beam with eccentricity
WANG Zhong-yu, ZHANG Duo, LI Meng, GAO Xiao-ying
2007, 28(5): 627-631.
Abstract PDF
Technique of phase diverse speckle correction
ZHANG Ai-hong, WANG Ting-ting, FAN Zhi-gang, ZHANG Ya-ping
2007, 28(5): 632-635.
Abstract PDF
Carrier fringe method of Moiré interferometry applied to tiny strain measurement in micro-field
CAO Yu-dong, WANG Shi-bin, QI Shuang-xi
2007, 28(5): 636-640.
Abstract PDF
Hyperacuity eye model
LI Xin-hua, GAO Zhi-shan, KONG Mei-mei
2007, 28(5): 641-644.
Abstract PDF
Measurement of linear expansion coefficient of silicon in high temperature with laser interferometric dilatometer
WANG Jian-hua, FAN Kai-guo, LIU Zhi-feng, SUN Jian-ping, ZHANG Jin-tao, WANG Zhe
2007, 28(5): 645-648.
Abstract PDF
Effect of penta-prism error on parallelism detection
AN Ya-dong, HE Jun-hua, CANG Yu-ping, CHEN Liang-yi
2007, 28(5): 649-653.
Abstract PDF
New method for displacement measurement in nanometer level using speckle interference and gray level
LI Lin-sen, HU Man-li, JIA Fang, HAO Jing-bo, LIN Qiao-wen, ZHOU Jing-hui
2007, 28(5): 654-658.
Abstract PDF
Energy loss compensation of bulk absorption laser energy meter
YU Shuai, LI Gao-ping, YANG Zhao-jin, WU Yao, SANG Peng, GUO Yu
2007, 28(5): 659-662.
Abstract PDF
Design of lab test system for boresight of multi-channel optical axes
HUANG Jing, LIU Zhao-hui, SHE Wen-ji, GUO Chuang-cheng
2007, 28(5): 663-666.
Abstract PDF
Beam wander detected by Moiré fringe
BAI Hong, RONG Jian, WANG Xiu
2007, 28(5): 667-670.
Abstract PDF
Explanation of calibration specification for digital laser plane interferometer
WANG Sheng-yun, YANG Hong, ZHANG Mei, JIANG Chang-lu
2007, 28(5): 671-674.
Abstract PDF