Optimized analysis of the slab configuration in diodepumped quasithreelevel solidstate lasers( Paper in English)
YANG Hong-ru, ZHANG Biao
2006, 27(4): 259-263.
Abstract PDF
Design of telecentric beam path for zoom projection optics
MEI Dan-yang, JIAO Ming-yin
2006, 27(4): 264-267.
Abstract PDF
Design solution for construction of strictlyoptimized (ν, k, 1) optical orthogonal codes
AN Xiao-qiang, QIU Kun, ZHANG Chong-fu
2006, 27(4): 268-273.
Abstract PDF
The influence of deposition parameters on chemical structure and optical properties of silicon carbonitride film
PIAO Yong, LIANG Hong jun, GAO Peng, DING Wan-yu, LU Wen-qi, MA Tengcai, XU Jun
2006, 27(4): 274-280.
Abstract PDF
Effects of unbalanced detection on the photon statistics of singlemolecule photon source
WANG Tie-yun, XIAO Lian-tuan
2006, 27(4): 281-284.
Abstract PDF
Image matching based on geometric feature of edges and the correlation in frequency domain
ZHANG Qiang, NA Yan, LI Jian-jun
2006, 27(4): 285-288.
Abstract PDF
New application of electro-optical technology in light weapons
2006, 27(4): 289-292.
Abstract PDF
Compensation technology for high velocity tracking of electrooptical pod
WU Yu-jing, JI Ming
2006, 27(4): 293-297.
Abstract PDF
Design and application of same distribution test for target detection accuracy
HAO Ji-ping, LI Xin-ze, SUN Xian-quan
2006, 27(4): 298-302.
Abstract PDF
Development and prospect of lowlightlevel (LLL) night vision technology
AI Ke-cong
2006, 27(4): 303-307.
Abstract PDF
Design of aspheric lens in helmetmounted LLL nightvision system
2006, 27(4): 308-311.
Abstract PDF
Interference simulation of laser beam propagation in turbulent atmosphere
CAO Qing-hua, PENG Ren-jun, WU Jian, DENG Rong
2006, 27(4): 312-314.
Abstract PDF
Endpumped Yb3+ doped double clad fiber laser
CHEN Ji-xin, SUI Zhan, CHEN Fu-shen, WANG Feng-rui, LI Ming-zhong, WANG Jian-jun, LIU Zhi-qiang, LUO Yi-ming
2006, 27(4): 315-318.
Abstract PDF
Nondestructive test for phase objects by secondary exposure laser holography
HUANG Shui-hua, HE Yan-lan, LEI Jing, DING Dao-yi, LUO Su-ping
2006, 27(4): 319-322.
Abstract PDF
Research on MTF measurement for thermal imaging systems
LI Xu-dong, XI Wei-sheng, HU Tie-li, FU Jian-ming
2006, 27(4): 323-326.
Abstract PDF
Demodulation scheme for filtering method based fiber Bragg grating sensing
LI Zhi-quan, LI Ya-ping, ZHU Dan-dan, LI Li-xin
2006, 27(4): 327-331.
Abstract PDF
Study on a new type high birefringence and flattened dispersion photonic crystal fiber
GE Xiang-you, LI Ping, WANG Xiao-jie, CHEN Xiaohan, LIU Lin
2006, 27(4): 332-335.
Abstract PDF
Determination of the film refractive index in real time monitoring for wideband thinfilm thickness monitoring
KONG Ying-xiu, HAN Jun, SHANG Xiao-yan
2006, 27(4): 336-339.
Abstract PDF
Optimization of parameters on reconstruction of phase of femtosecond laser pulse with SPIDER
WEN Ru-hong, LIU Tian-fu
2006, 27(4): 340-343.
Abstract PDF
Study on spatial encoding technique in 3D measurement
LI Hong-yan, DA Fei-peng, JIN Ya
2006, 27(4): 344-349.
Abstract PDF
Study on the demultiplex of WDM based on volume holographic technology
WANG Xiao-huai
2006, 27(4): 350-354.
Abstract PDF
Research on characteristics of avalanche photodiode with passive quenching method
LU Hua, PENG Xiao-dong
2006, 27(4): 355-358.
Abstract PDF
A novel digital portable optical experimental instrument
BU Min, WANG Ya-wei, XU Gui-dong
2006, 27(4): 359-362.
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