Application of optical metrology technique in moon exploration project
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Abstract PDF
Influence of atmospheric scintillation on performance of wireless optical CDMA system
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The influence of optical physics parameters on optical limiting effect
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An algorithm for infrared image enhancement based on gray scale transform
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Abstract PDF
Application of BP neural network in correlated
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Abstract PDF
Image tracking method based on fractal geometry edge extraction
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Structure and characteristics of doublechannel reflecting optical circulator
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Abstract PDF
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Optical design for middle infrared zoom system
2006, 27(1): 32-34.
Abstract PDF
Preparation of nanometer Ag film by electrodeposition method
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Abstract PDF
Electrical and optical properties of transparent and conductive Aldoped ZnO thin film
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Abstract PDF
An adaptive method to improve the performance of laser warning equipment
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Abstract PDF
Experimental study on output characteristics of passively Qswitched laser
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Abstract PDF
Power coupling efficiency of semiconductor laser passing through a collimating system
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2006, 27(1): 51-53.
Abstract PDF
Analysis of gas temperature radial distribution in NeH2CuBr laser discharge tube with diaphragms
MA Tao
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Abstract PDF
Modal analysis and dynamic deformation of scanning mirror
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Abstract PDF
Improvement of image inverters contrast transfer performance
PAN Jingsheng
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Abstract PDF
A fiber Bragg grating temperature sensor based on heterodyne detection
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Abstract PDF
A fiberoptic sensing liquid level measuring system for oil storage tanks
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Abstract PDF
Design and application of KP test for target detection distribution law
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Abstract PDF
High precision automatic test systems for polarizationdependent loss
WANG Heng-fei, YING Cheng-ping, QUAN Zhi-ke
2006, 27(1): 79-84.
Abstract PDF