Design and realization of reconnaissance network system for individual soldier
YE Jie-song, ZHU Yue-chao, CHEN Zhi-ping
2005, 26(6): 1-3.
Abstract PDF
Data fusion technique for video information processing of dual-channel
LI Xiang-jun
2005, 26(6): 4-7.
Abstract PDF
Realization of 2D image signal acquisition with DSP-based linear array CCD
TIAN Yan-tao, CHANG Dan-hua, PAN Pu-feng, ZHANG Yan
2005, 26(6): 8-11.
Abstract PDF
Threedimensional photograph of more objects by nesting ellipse path
WU Yun-wen, ZHOU Xiao-qing
2005, 26(6): 12-14.
Abstract PDF
Automatic inspect system of angle between axes based on machine vision
DANG Li-ping, ZHOU Li-hua, BAI Bo
2005, 26(6): 15-18.
Abstract PDF
Performance research of spectrum encoding OCDMA system
ZHOU Xiu-li, HU Yu, TAN Qing-gui, WAN Sheng-peng
2005, 26(6): 19-22.
Abstract PDF
Experimental investigation of acoustooptic effect
LI Ming, LI Guan-cheng
2005, 26(6): 23-27.
Abstract PDF
Principle and design of a test system for pesticide fluorescence lifetime
WANG Zhong-dong, WANG Yu-tian
2005, 26(6): 28-31.
Abstract PDF
Effect of post treatment on planar optical waveguide of ionexchanged phosphate glass
ZHAO Shi-long, CHEN Bao-yu, HU Jun-jiang, HU Li-li
2005, 26(6): 32-34.
Abstract PDF
Twodimension compatible magneticfield analysis based on ANSYS
LI Long-kui, SU Junhong, LIANG Hong-jun
2005, 26(6): 35-37.
Abstract PDF
Study of CH4 opticalfiber sensor structure
QIAN Xiang-zhong
2005, 26(6): 38-40.
Abstract PDF
Lifetime prediction for the optical fiber in guidance optical cable
WANG Bao-zhu, DENG Hong-lin, LI Xiao-rui, ZHAN Yimin
2005, 26(6): 41-45.
Abstract PDF
Design of practical circuit for reflective fiber displacement sensor in testing roller abradability
GUO Yuan, WANG Yu-tian, DAI Xue-feng
2005, 26(6): 46-48.
Abstract PDF
Principle, configuration, manufacture and potential application of photonic crystal fiber
LI Qi-cheng
2005, 26(6): 49-52.
Abstract PDF
Multi-window design for laser orientation measurement
CHENG Yu-bao, LI Qing, LIU Shang-qian
2005, 26(6): 53-56.
Abstract PDF
Research of the design method and some important concepts for spacetoground optical communication
2005, 26(6): 54-57.
Abstract PDF
Study on high performance infrared wideband ( 7~11.5μm)antireflective film on germanium substrate
PAN Yong-qiang, ZHU Chang, HANG Ling-xia
2005, 26(6): 63-65.
Abstract PDF
Design of a miniature color measuring spectrophotometer
LI Hong-guang, WU Bao-ning, SHI Huan-fang, YUAN Liang, YU Bing, CAO Feng, YANG Feng
2005, 26(6): 66-69.
Abstract PDF
Mathematical model and method for measurement of spectral irradiance
LIU Jian-ping, ZHANG Hui, ZHAN Chun-lian, LI Zheng-qi
2005, 26(6): 70-073.
Abstract PDF
Study on optoelectronic measurement of UV radiation spectrum
GAN Ming, ZHOU Hui-li, YU Guo-cai, LU Tie-niu
2005, 26(6): 74-076.
Abstract PDF
Fabrication of continuous relief mask for diffractive plane focus lens
WANG Duo-shu, LUO Chong-tai, LIU Hong-kai, MA Mian-jun, HUANG Liang-fu
2005, 26(6): 77-080.
Abstract PDF