A Summary of Airborne Photoelectronic Systems on Drones
CHENG Gang, YANG Suihu
2005, 26(4): 1-4.
Abstract PDF
Filtering Methods of the Digital Speckle fringe Pattern
FU Si-hua, YU Qi-feng
2005, 26(4): 5-8.
Abstract PDF
Realization of Region Splitting of Multi-gray Level Picture with Optical Method
SU Cheng-yue, ZHENG Guang-zhao, CHEN Li, HE Rong-li, ZHOU Dong-yue
2005, 26(4): 9-12.
Abstract PDF
The Implementation of Straightforward Mie Scattering Numerical Calculation
WANG Jun, HE Jun-fa, WANG Lian-fen, WANG Hong-xia, ZHOU You-jie
2005, 26(4): 13-16.
Abstract PDF
Analyses of Jones Matrix of Birefringent Grystals
SUN Gang, JIN Shi-long
2005, 26(4): 17-21.
Abstract PDF
Improvement of Space Construction and FOV Definition of MCP with Small Aperture by Gas Sinter Technology
LIU Shu-lin, DENG Guang-xu, MAO Jiaming
2005, 26(4): 22-25.
Abstract PDF
Stability of Passively Modelocked Femtosecond Fiber Laser
ZHAO De-shuang, LIU Yong-zhi, HUANG Xiu-jiang, ZHANG Chang-ming
2005, 26(4): 26-29.
Abstract PDF
Reliability Prediction for a Certain Type of Laser Range Finder
WU Han-ping
2005, 26(4): 30-32.
Abstract PDF
Experiment Analysis of Influence of Atmosphere Stochastic Channel on Laser Transmission
YIN Zhi-guo, HE Jun, HUANG Chang-chun, DENG Dai-zu
2005, 26(4): 33-35.
Abstract PDF
Study on Techniques of Signal Demodulation in Fiber Bragg Grating Sensing System
LI Zhi-quan, XU Ming-yan, TANG Jing, CHEN Ying, ZHAO Yan-tao
2005, 26(4): 36-41.
Abstract PDF
Yb3+Doped Fiber Laser with Chirped Fiber Grating
HUANG Xiu-jiang, LIU Yongzhi, SUI Zhan, LI Mingzhong, LIN Honghuan, CHEN Haiyan
2005, 26(4): 42-45.
Abstract PDF
Interrogation Project for Encoding Fiber Bragg Grating Sensor Array
FAN Dian, JIANG De-sheng, MEI Jia-chun
2005, 26(4): 46-49.
Abstract PDF
Strain Measuring System Based on Chirped Gratings and Edge Linear Filtering Demodulation Technology
ZHU Dan-dan, WANG Hai-fang, ZHANG Ran, LI Ya-ping1, YAN Li-juan, ZHANG Jun-jie
2005, 26(4): 50-52.
Abstract PDF
Coating of Beamsplitting Film System Working in aUltra Wide Spectral Range
TAN Yu, ZHAO Xing-mei
2005, 26(4): 53-55.
Abstract PDF
The Uncertainty Analysis of the Calibration Measurement of Main Performances for Laser Rangefinders
YANG Ye-ping, YANG Zhao-jin, HOU Min
2005, 26(4): 56-57.
Abstract PDF
Design of Spectral Reflectance Measuring System in Original Position
WANG Shu-jun, ZHANG Bao-zhou
2005, 26(4): 58-60.
Abstract PDF
ifference of the Image Deformation Formulas with the Textbooks
WANG Jin-li, WANG Fei-fei
2005, 26(4): 61-65.
Abstract PDF