The Application and Present Situation of Lasers in the Automobile Industry
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Study on Fizeau OPtical Synthetic Aperture Paraxial Imaging
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Sellmeier Coefficients for the Refractive Indices of Calcite at Crystal Different Temperatures
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Wavelength Assignment Algorithms of WDM Wavelength Routing Optical Network
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The Research of Rotatory Apparatus with Compound Wave Plates
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The Research of Calibration of Radiometers
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A Research into the Effect of Funnel MCP on the Relationship Between Current Gain and Noise Figure
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Microchannel Plates and Its Main Characteristics
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Effect of Tube Making Technique for Generation III Low-light-level Image Intensifier on Photoemissive Property of photocathode
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The Study for Laser Beam Transmission Character in Atmosphere Rondom Channer by Using CCD
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The Application of the laser Fiber Gyro Lens in Utrashort Pulse Measurement
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A Scenario of the Magneto-Optical Current Sensor for Large Dynamic Range Measurement
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The Study of the Resonant Wavelengths of Long-period Fiber Grating with Langmuir-Blodgett Thin-film Overlay
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A Dual-channel Night Vision Color Image Fusion System
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A Method for Automatic Identification of Dots on Films
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Study of the Reasonableness of Fitting Model Concerning DLC Film Optical Constant
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Research on Testing Image Transfer Signal-to-Noise Ratio of Image Intensifer
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Simulation Calculation of Measuring Optical Aspheric Surface Based on Light Pattern Projection
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Abstract PDF