A Research on Heat Radiation Spectrum Characteristics of Moxibustion Therapy
HONG Wen-xue, CAI Jian-hong, JING Jun
2004, 25(4): 1-3.
Abstract PDF
The Improvement of Inverse Wentzel-Kramer-Brillouin(WKB) Method
ZHANG Chang-ming, LIU Yong-zhi, ZHANG Xiao-xia, GAN Xiao-yong
2004, 25(4): 4-8.
Abstract PDF
Matrix Method to Express the Reflecting Process of Beam
PAN Han-jun, LIU Ya
2004, 25(4): 9-13.
Abstract PDF
Research on Faraday Effect in Magneto-optic Glass
HUANG Hai, BU Sheng-li
2004, 25(4): 14-17.
Abstract PDF
A 3-D Code for OCDMA System
ZHOU Xiu-li, HU Yu, TAN Qing-gui
2004, 25(4): 18-20.
Abstract PDF
MPCP Protocol in EPON System
ZHANG Duo-ying, LI Xue-yi, LIU Wei-ping, LI Jian-dong
2004, 25(4): 21-25.
Abstract PDF
An All-Optical Network OADM Design Based on Fiber Bragg Grating
WANG Jian-zhong, LIU Yong-zhi
2004, 25(4): 26-28.
Abstract PDF
Development of Night Vision Instrument in Air-Defense
WANG Jian-hua
2004, 25(4): 29-30.
Abstract PDF
Research on Thermal cleaning Technique for GaAs Photocathode
SHI Feng
2004, 25(4): 31-32.
Abstract PDF
Antijamming Methods of Counter-Infrared-Interference-Missile by Using Cross-Shaped Detector Array
GUO Xin-jun, JIN Wei-qi, WANG Ji
2004, 25(4): 33-36.
Abstract PDF
Research on the NETD Mathematical Model for Scanning Thermal Imaging System
LI Xu-dong, AI Ke-cong, WANG Wei
2004, 25(4): 37-40.
Abstract PDF
Application And Equivalent Analysis of Detection Distance of Infrared Surveillance Equipment
HAO Ji-ping, HUANG Ping-hua, DU Cheng-gong
2004, 25(4): 41-44.
Abstract PDF
Characteristic and application of S2 molecule spectrum
ZHAO Xu-guang
2004, 25(4): 45-47.
Abstract PDF
Study on Refractive Index and Concentration Sensor Based on Long-Period Fiber Grating
LI Zhi-quan, WANG Li, HUANG Li-juan, ZHANG Xiao-ming, ZHU Dan-dan
2004, 25(4): 48-50.
Abstract PDF
Analysis of Error Sensitivity and Allowable Error of Optical Film, and Computer Controll in Production
XIA Zhi-lin, XUE Yi-yu, ZHANG You-ling, LIU Wei-hua
2004, 25(4): 51-55.
Abstract PDF
The Manufacture and Application of Periodically Poled Lithium Niobate
WANG Yong-gang, MA Xiao-yu
2004, 25(4): 56-58.
Abstract PDF
Study of Passive Q-switched Unit of Nd∶YAG Laser Using Ion-Implanted GaAs
LI Zhao-yang, WANG Yong-gang, HUANG Liu
2004, 25(4): 59-62.
Abstract PDF
Determination of Aspheric Reference Sphere by Tri-point Method
WANG Hong-jun, TIAN Ai-ling, DU Yu-jun
2004, 25(4): 63-65.
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