Status and Prospect of Laser Power and Energy Metrology
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Abstract PDF
Development and Application of Plastic Optical Fiber
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Study on Radiative Lifetimes of Rare Earth Ions in Tellurite Glasses
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Mechanism Structure Factors on Performance of Opto-electronic Tracker Servo Systems
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A Study on Effect of Refractive Index on Scattered Light Field Distribution
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Abstract PDF
Analysis of Compression Characteristics of Gaussian Signal Pulse in Semiconductor Optical Amplifiers by Utilizing Rectangular Control Pulse
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Abstract PDF
Prediction-Verification Method Determining the Refractive Index Profile for Ion-exchange Planar Waveguide
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Abstract PDF
Mathematical Expression of Included Angle between Optical Axis and Ray Axis
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Abstract PDF
Study on the Optical System of CRT Digital Color Printer
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Abstract PDF
Study of Modulated Laser Interferometry for Piezoelectric Characteristic Measurement of Piezoelectric Ceramic
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Abstract PDF
Present Status of High Precision Laser Displacement Sensor Based on Triangulation
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Abstract PDF
The Comparison between Lamp Pumping and Diode Pumping for Solid-state Lasers
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Abstract PDF
Image Processing of Near-Infrared Rail Abrasion Detection System
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Abstract PDF
The Study for Transforming Property of Right Cone Fiber
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Abstract PDF
The Study of a Fluorescence Fiber-Optical Measurement System for Monitoring Concentration of Flufenoxuron
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Abstract PDF
Research Into a Method for On-Line CCD Imaging Measurement of the Diameter of Glass Rod
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Abstract PDF
The Design of Ka-band Coupled-cavity Traveling Wave Tube Amplifier
2004, 25(3): 57-59.
Abstract PDF
The Research on the Sensitivity Improvement of Electric Field Sensor without Electrode
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2004, 25(3): 60-64.
Abstract PDF