Engineering Research of Reliability for Foreign Military Optical Systems
LIU Guo-rong
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Abstract PDF
Development of Airborne Laser System
XIANG Zhao-jun, YANG Bao-li, YANG Hong-ling, ZHAO Wei
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Abstract PDF
Chirp Investigation for Electrooptic Waveguide Modulators with Mach-Zehnder structure
GAN Xiao-yong, LIU Yong-zhi, ZHANG Xiao-xia, ZHANG Chang-ming
2004, 25(2): 11-14.
Abstract PDF
Axial Irradiance Distribution Throughout the Entire Space Behind a Binary Annular Aperture
ZHANG Yao-ju
2004, 25(2): 15-18.
Abstract PDF
The Numerical Analysis of Systematic Modulation Transfer Function in Subpixel Dynamic Imaging Technique
CHE Shuang-liang, ZHAO Chuang-she
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Abstract PDF
The Study of Polarization of Scattering Light of Particle Group
YE Fu-qiu
2004, 25(2): 22-24.
Abstract PDF
Analysis of Reflection Property of Cube-corner retroreflector with Vector Expression
KUANG Cui-fang, FENG Qi-bo, LIU Xin
2004, 25(2): 25-27.
Abstract PDF
An OCAD Optical Design Software Package for Automatic Drawing
YAO Duo-shun, LIANG Hong-jun
2004, 25(2): 28-35.
Abstract PDF
Calculation And Application of Infrared Demarcating Theory
HAO Ji-ping, DU Cheng-gong, HUANG Ping-hua
2004, 25(2): 36-39.
Abstract PDF
Methods for Wavelength-shift Detection of Fiber Bragg Grating Sensor
ZHOU Wei-lin, LIU Yang, YANG Hua-yong, LI Zhi-zhong, HU Yong-ming
2004, 25(2): 40-43.
Abstract PDF
A Methane Gas Sensor with Optic Fiber Based on Frequency Harmonic Detection Technique
WANG Shu-tao, LIU Jin, CHE Ren-sheng, WANG Yu-tian
2004, 25(2): 44-47.
Abstract PDF
The Application of Wavelet Tranoform in CCD Image Edge Detection
WU Dong-sheng, LIU Bing-qi
2004, 25(2): 48-50.
Abstract PDF
Multifocus Image Fusion Based on Imaging Mechanism with Wavelet Packet Transform
NA Yan, YIN Ting-rui, YANG Wan-hai
2004, 25(2): 51-54.
Abstract PDF
Effect of Temperature on Structure and Optical Property of TiO2 Thin Film Deposited by Reactive Electron Beam Evaporation
WANG Xue-hua, XUE Yi-yu
2004, 25(2): 55-57.
Abstract PDF
Adaptive Sampling Method of Fringe Projection Measurement
2004, 25(2): 58-61.
Abstract PDF
Process Analysis of Laser Reflective Mirror and Induce Transmittance Filter(ITF)
JING Yu-lan, JIANG Xiang-dong, ZHANG Huai-wu
2004, 25(2): 62-64.
Abstract PDF